Ryzen and Intel are two of the latest processor manufacturers in the industry. AMD’s Ryzen lineup has created a considerable buzz in the industry in the past year. Intel has remained a consistent champion in the PC industry. They are both viable processors for your next gaming PC. As the next generation of consoles is announced, many people want to upgrade their PC’s. Let’s take a look at which one is going to meet your needs this year. Ryzen and Intel’s core line of processors have taken the gaming world by a storm.

PC gaming has always remained a popular choice by thousands of gamers out there. Let’s have a head to head comparison. 

Ryzen VS Intel Gaming Processor: Overview

1. AMD Ryzen Gaming Processor

Ryzen has made the news for all the right reasons in this quarter. Their lineup of chips performs well in the market, and a brand new series is soon available. AMD has made massive progress in the past few years after discontinuing their FX series. The Ryzen and Ryzen thread ripper series are perfect for gamers and professionals. They are known for their high-performance desktop processors.

2. Intel core Gaming Processor

Intel recently released their 10th generation of processors. These latest microchips are excellent for gaming, productivity, and general computing. Over the years, they have made decent developments every year. The brand is focussing on different aspects of computing these days. Gaming doesn’t remain the centerpiece anymore. Overall the two brands have fierce competition in the market.

Ryzen VS Intel Gaming Processor: Features

We’ll discover the key differences between the two lineups now. In this section, we will cover different performance aspects and features of the processors. Here is the real battle of Ryzen vs. Intel. 

1. Cores:

1. AMD Ryzen

Ryzen has changed the standards by excluding a dual-core CPU in the lineup. Their processors start from 4 to 16 cores on the regular list. Ryzen thread ripper takes things up a notch. Users can get up to 64 processing in a single chip with those devices. The processors also take advantage of hyperthreading in some variants. It is responsible for virtually doubling your performance. The Ryzen lineup includes Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9 series of processors. These are all top-performing CPU’s and are quite affordable. You get what you pay for with the AMD processors. 

2. Intel core

The 10th generation of Intel processors is trying to play catchup with AMD. They offer a maximum of 10 cores on their most premium chips. The dual-core chips are still available for entry-level desktop users. It is time to face the reality that the dual-core simply doesn’t work. Modern-day PC’s require much more power than that. Their lineup includes core i3, core i5, core i7, and Core i9 processors. 

There is no upgrade option for older users. These CPU’s work quite well in the real world. 

2. Processing Power:

1. Ryzen

AMD is always known to push the limits on their devices. The GHz numbers matter these days more than ever. You can get up to 4.7GHz on your chips with Ryzen. It is comfortable for any top tier game. Get ready to start gaming in high quality using these powerful devices. Ryzen processors utilize precision boost to get higher clock speeds in intensive gaming sessions. 

2. Intel core

Intel is taking things up a notch in this department. They are trying to make amends for their lack of power with numbers. They offer up to 5.3GHz on their top tier microchips. It will lead to a significant increase in performance over time but reduce the life of the device. The higher the clock speed, the more strain your device gets. 

3. Cooling

1. Ryzen

AMD used to be known for struggling with cooling. They have made significant changes with this lineup of processors. Their stock coolers are capable of keeping the average temperatures down. With custom fans, you can get decent cooling. Water cooling is also an excellent option for hot places. Overall the devices will not overheat. You don’t need to worry about living in a toaster while gaming anymore. 

2. Intel core

Intel seems to be struggling in this department in their intensive performance devices. Their high GHz processors tend to overheat these days. The minor stock cooler and heatsink seems incapable of keeping things under control. You need to invest in a high-performance cooler with a bigger heatsink. It will help you keep the temperatures in their normal range. 

4. Gaming

1. Ryzen

Let’s talk about what you are here to know. Gaming is a joy on ryzen processors. Developers are having a field day working with this lineup. It is perfect for the latest games. Optimization is impressive, and you can enjoy the high FPS. Overall the experience is excellent, and you will love using the PC. 

2. Intel core

Intel has been a dominant force in the gaming industry for years now. Their processors might be conceding to AMD’s ryzen, but they are still good. You can enjoy an enjoyable gameplay experience on their high-end microchips. The lower end or core i3 lineup is just not meant for playing games.

4. Single-core performance

Both the processors are quite equally matched in this department. Intel performs slightly better in the single-core tests. It boils down to the tasks that you are playing. In terms of benchmarks, they are both equally matched and come with a decent performance.

5. Multicore performance

In the multicore performance, AMD’s ryzen is much better than the Intel processors. The scores speak for themselves, and you will find it working in real-world scenarios. Overall the devices are comparable, but AMD wins the 2020 processor market. Their latest lineup is also going to get released soon. 

Ryzen VS Intel Gaming Processor: Pricing

AMD has yet again won the hearts of budget and high-end gamers. Their processors are affordable and easily upgradable. They use the same motherboard architecture for a few generations of devices. It gives you a lot of room for customization in the future. 

Intel, on the other hand, still needs to make some revisions. Their budget CPUs are not high, and the high-end chips are too costly. 

Our Top Picks:

Processors can be icky to choose for a new gamer. If you are interested in purchasing a decent processor, then here are our picks from the red and blue team. Find out which one suits your needs and make the purchase. 

1. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core

The AMD Ryzen 5 lineup is the best option for budget gamers. The processor is the best bet for the mid-tier gaming pc. If you have a budget of $500 to $700, then this is the perfect option. You can get the best performance for your money with this device. Six core and 12 threads are all you need for 1080P gaming with modern titles. It uses the brand new AM4 socket motherboard. The third-gen ryzen provides you peak gaming. 


  • It gives you 100+ FPS on most of the latest titles at medium to high settings. 
  • The 4.2GHz processing power is decent for all your computing needs. 
  • The 65W TDP keeps electricity consumption and temperatures low. 

2. Intel Core i5-10500

Intel’s counterpart for the AMD processor is its Core i5 10500. It has the same basic features with slightly better performance at $100 more. Users can get excellent gaming performance and real-world use through these devices. It is perfect for the intel fanboy who wants to get an intel desktop. The 12 threads and six cores give you excellent performance in games. It translates to a fantastic FPS and beautiful renders. 


  • The processor can give you excellent performance in video editing and gaming. 
  • Users get up to 4.5GHz of processing power through this device. 
  • The 65W TDP helps to keep things fresh. 


Ryzen vs. Intel is a debate that has rocked the gaming industry. We finally settled the contest with AMD’s Ryzen, coming out as a clear winner. We hope this guide was able to help you make a purchase decision. Have a fun time building your gaming PC at home.

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