An X470 motherboard is known as a flagship gaming motherboard due to its remarkable performance. It is highly compatible with the latest processors, graphic cards, and other components. Even if you choose not to invest in extra components, it can deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. However, every big name in the industry has decided to invest in an X470 chipset motherboard. Thus, it has become challenging to find the correct one. By considering ease of use, installation, convenience, and features, we are bringing you a comprehensive review of the best X470 motherboards in the industry.

If you’re looking to build a powerful gaming PC, whether by considering budget or features, these choices will fit directly into your checklist. So let’s begin the review with.

List Of Best X470 Motherboards Reviews:

1. ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming M.2 ATX Motherboard

For a powerful X470 gaming motherboard, ASUS ROG Strix falls in a very comfortable budget with the range of features it offers. It is an AMD powered with Ryzen 2 AM4 and 7th Gen Athlon processor. This ensures maximum performance for a seamless gaming experience that is perfect for avid gamers.

To fulfill your connectivity requirement, it has NVMe M.2 and 3.1 Gen 2 USB ports with Gigabit LAN, premium performers in their domain. For an extra boost, you get a five-way optimization with the help of Auto Tuning. With Fan Xpert4, you get an automated process for overclocking and temperature controls, ensuring uninterruptible gaming for extended hours with its dynamic cooling.

If you’re an RGB light lover, then you get 2 RGF headers and one addressable header with Aura Sync RGB lighting, which is a state of the art performer. Its slick design is due to pre pre-mounted I/O shield for quick installation and personalization. As it is a ROG-related product, you get RAM Cache II with 256 MB of Flash ROM that supports Windows 10 64 bit flawlessly.

The Japanese capacitors for in-built eight-channel audio deliver a high definition of crisp sound without requiring further enhancement, accompanied by LED for aesthetics. To complement the HD Sound, you get Supreme FX and Sonic Studio III for gaming audio. The I/O is rigid and able to withstand wear and tear, even a little mishandling.

Pros –

  • Futuristic Cyber Outlook as a design appeal from ROG with premium-grade components.
  • Aura Sync is compatible with Philips lighting for the best personalization effects.
  • Highly-user friendly due to personalization and installation ease.
  • One-click overclocking and cooler design for non-stop gaming.
  • All integral features of a standard X470 with the trust of ROG for outstanding performance.

Cons – 

  • Does not have a very reliable customer service.
  • Several calibrations, modifications, and updates would be required to work with customized hardware.

2. MSI Performance Gaming AMD X470 Ryzen Graphics CFX ATX Motherboard

If you’re not looking for a motherboard that is aesthetically pleasing, but a straightforward and minimalist design, this ones for you. This AMD X470 comes with 1st to 3rd Gen Ryzen and Radeon Vega Graphics support. For booster memory performance, you get a DDR4 Memory that grants up to 4,133 megahertz of overclocking capacity.

Is gaming performance an issue? Not at all, it has Turbo M.2, AMD’s StoreMI technology, and 2nd generation Turbo USB 3.2 for lightning-fast performance. The most striking feature is the Core boost, which ensures non-stop transmission between each component and hardware. Thus, you don’t slack off in any manner and can play a game to the peak of your capabilities. 

Hence, you receive better output topping it with memory support of up to 64 GB and memory storage of 64 GBPS for non-stop indulgence. If you are worried about the lighting system, this one has seven colors and seven unique effects. This is all thanks to the mystic light and RGB sync to meet your customization standards.

Due to its robust BIOS potential, you can integrate a Ryzen 3000 without any problem. For secure installation, you get PCI steel protection, and for gaming modules, you get MSI gaming tools. It is easy to install and compatible with most cabinets, so you save extra bucks there. 

Pros –

  • Compatible with the majority of industry’s components for user-friendly X470 motherboard.
  • Unmatched connectivity option with plenty of ports and other installations for an authentic gaming experience.
  • Supports extra fan installation to maintain an impeccably cool temperature for non-stop gaming endeavors.
  • The game mode for overclocking and extra tweaks in performance
  • Beastly performance with the best memory, best transmission, and best compatibility.

Cons – 

  • The manual is not comprehensive and may prove problematic for users to find certain things for installation.
  • It does not have color coding for most of the part installation and needs you to rely upon manuals.

3. ASUS Prime X470-Pro AMD Ryzen 2 USB 3.1 ATX Motherboard

The ASUS Prime X470-Pro also comes with all of the standard chipset and features of an X470 motherboard. You get Ryzen 2 AM4, 7th Gen Athlon and similar connectivity with USB 3.1 Gen2, Gigabit LAN and NVMe M.2. It offers 5 Way Optimization and supports Windows 10 and 7 with Turbo App to enhance CPU performance.

You receive efficiency in power conservation with precision in control with options to completely customize your app utilization. Additionally, you have the opportunity to integrate fans to cool the entire CPU unit thoroughly for temperature regulation. While the design is simplistic, it encompasses Safe Slots and an attractive heatsink with integrated LEDs with Aura Sync compatibility. 

It is compatible with every Aura Sync supporting product to bring you endless innovation of RGB lightning. For sound, you have Realtek S1220 with 8 Channel HD performance. The trace layout offers better memory performance, and the motherboard supports a broad array of Ryzen processors from low-end to high-end.

While it has the latest configuration, this motherboard provides a seamless data transfer speed of up to 32GBPS, which is still half of what others may offer you. It won’t make a difference unless you’re utilizing system heavy components and games. The gaming experience remains revolutionary with crisp graphics, marvelous sound details, and the best overclocking.

Pros –

  • Easy to install, user-friendly with excellent expandability for other components.
  • Standard X470 features, chipset, and performance without any compromise.
  • Minimalist design with steel frame protection, built-in LED, Aura Sync compatibility.
  • Compatible with all types of Ryzen processors from oldest to newest for your convenience.

Cons – 

  • For heavy gaming, it would require high-end additions. You won’t be able to get by with cheaper alternatives.
  • It requires users to know parts to find the best calibration method for the motherboard to work.

4. ASROCK AMD X470 ChipSet ATX Motherboard X470 Taichi Ultimate

ASROCK AMD X470 stands out due to its peculiar design and color theme for a ‘mechanical’ appeal. If we talk about support, it has AMD AM4 support with a complete range of compatibility with Ryzen processors. You get DDR4 memory support with around 3,466+ Overclock potential.

To connect various controls, modules, and hardware, you have an excess of ports that never seem to run out.  However, instead of 8 Channel, you get 7.1 Channel HD Audio with Realtek Audio Codec support and DTS Connect. There is Gen 3 and Gen 4 Sata with Gen 2 and Gen 1 3.1 USB types, which also supports Type C. 

For the latest CPU, this might not be the best choice as you would have to update and calibrate the motherboard. If that’s not a dealbreaker for you, then you can invest in it for its affordability. This motherboard is for people who want to take a glimpse at X470 motherboards.

There are a couple of drawbacks, such as lack of a clean manual, and you don’t have enough cooling options. While it integrated standard cooling measures, it pales in comparison to other X470 motherboards available. From the viewpoint of connectivity, performance, and standard X470 chipset, it stands as your standard X470 motherboard. 

Pros –

  • You get to test an X470 motherboard at an affordable range and get a glimpse of its potential.
  • The abundance of ports (Type-A, Type-C, SATA) for almost endless connectivity options.
  • Fantastic overclock potential, memory support, and processor compatibility.
  • A design that stands out from other motherboards.

Cons – 

  • Requires updates and modifications to work with the latest hardware and components
  • It is an average X470 motherboard without any extra features like others on the list. 

5. ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 M.2 USB 3.1 Gen2 ATX X470 MOTHERBOARD

ROG is back in the game with its slick and aesthetically pleasing Crosshair VII Hero motherboard. This one is the next generation X470 motherboard with the best tweaks and high-grade compatibility. You get Ryzen 2 and 7th Gen Athion processing capacity to the peak with the latest connectivity such as M.2 and Gen 2 3.1 USB ports. 

ROG’s 5 Way Optimization is smooth with FanXpert for automatic cooling and overclocking requirements. Thus, you get maximum overclocking, primarily if you use tools that are available separately. Aura Sync and RGB options are state of the art with premium-quality. Additionally, you get an I/O shield to ward off any damage and mishandling to protect your precious investment.

One thing to note is that it is meant to be the latest X470, so it lacks older connectivity options such as 2.0 USB ports. You won’t get any accessory with the board, despite the claim. Thus, you will have to invest extra for complete customization. So the price range is higher than you will buy the motherboard. 

It has an attractive design and all of the standard features and compatibility you’d expect from an X470 motherboard. You can build it from scratch to have customized performance and output. Make sure to check your cabinet’s compatibility with this motherboard before ordering it.

Pros –

  • Attractive design and quality reliance of the Republic Of Gamers for exceptional customer support.
  • Latest X470 model to support new generation components and processors.
  • I/O shield and automatic overclocking to take care of temperature and physical protection.
  • Best value for money. 

Cons – 

  • Lacks lower level connectivity options such as 2.0 USB ports.
  • It does not come with accessories, and it is not universally compatible with CPU cabinets. 

6. MSI Performance Gaming AMD X470 Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 Onboard Graphics SLI ATX Motherboard

MSI once again delivers a highly-attractive motherboard with noticeable tweaks in the heat sinks. This one comes with LED lights and ‘robotic’ design to apparel to those who don’t prefer cybertech-theme. Apart from the design, there isn’t much of a difference as it supports the latest Ryzen and Athlon processors.

However, it does not support lower-end generations like 3rd Gen Ryzen processors. You get DDR4, which can overclock anywhere between 2,667 to 3,466 megahertz. If you are using a JEDEC, you can get 1,866 to 2,667 MHz. So it comes down to your preference and the requirement for OC. 

The mystic light once again manages to surpass other motherboards with over 17 effects and around 16.8 million colors. You get RGB and rainbow strips and tools for customization. You get the standard Turbo M.2 with M.2 Shield to reinforce the performance and StoreMI technology, second-generation USB 3.1, and other additions.

You get Gaming Hotkey, X-boost, and a game boost for an In-game weapon option to successively deliver impeccable gaming performance. The only drawback of this motherboard might be a BIOS update requirement. Apart from that, this is one of the best motherboards to invest into.

Pros –

  • The best aesthetics and design with Mystic lights for complete RBG customization for those who care for the appeal.
  • Versatile customization which relies on the components you utilize for OC and in-game performance.
  • A very build-friendly motherboard with the latest connectivity options.
  • In-Game Weapons like Gaming Boost, X-Boost, and Hotkeys for unmatched gaming options.

Cons – 

  • Not compatible with older generation processors (3rd Gen Or Lower)
  • Requires BIOS update to function appropriately with the latest additions.

7. Asrock X470 Master SLI

Asrock X470 SLI is more of a low-end motherboard available at an enticing cost for those who want a taste of an X470 motherboard. You get 2 GBPS of memory storage for a standard performance and up to 64GB DDR4 memory support. Plenty of ports are provided for PS/2 Keyboard, Mouse, HDMI, Optical SPDIF, Gen 2, and Gen 1 Type-A and Type-C USB, among other standard X470 options.

It is compatible with standard Ryzen processors available for X470 with 7th Gen Athlon and Vega graphics compatibility. The design is minimalist to bring you a flexible motherboard. You can bolt into any cabinet and use it with almost any component. You get a standard X470 chipset and three years of manufacturer warranty.

Pros –

  • The best entry-level X470 motherboard with AMD chipset
  • Standard X470 features and customization options.
  • Minimalist design for compact size to fit any cabinet to revitalize your gaming experience.
  • Three years of warranty and low-cost investment

Cons – 

  • It is a low-end X470, so you can’t expect the latest support.
  • Does not have RBG and other lighting support. 

How To Choose Your X470 Motherboard – Buyer’s Guide

To make it available to a large community of gamers, X470 motherboards are available from low-end to high-end investment. Almost all of them look similar and feel similar, but they lack certain features or options. Thus, there are certain factors to consider while looking at these motherboards according to their price range. 

1. Low-End Motherboards

These X470 motherboards cost around $100 to $170 and compromise aesthetics primarily. They don’t have attractive designs but often come with an I/O shield to appeal to the users. Here are some things you need to understand:

  • These motherboards offer an average X470 performance.
  • Average performance means overclocking, processor, and other boosts are modest at best.
  • You still get almost all of the connectivity and compatibility options of an X470 motherboard, except integrated ones such as WiFi.

2. Mid-Range Motherboards

You start getting more features and compatibility for motherboards that cost around $200 at max. For example, Fatal1ty, Gaming Pro, and other similar tools. It encompasses all of the standard integrations and multiple connectivity options. Some points which distinguish them are:

  • You get an option to get a multi-GPU setup for better gaming performance.
  • Supports AMD processors with integrated graphics potential.
  • You can get moderate to massive performance. It all depends on the components you utilize.

3. High-End Motherboards

If you don’t want to compromise on any feature and get full-fledged access to an X470 motherboard’s potential, this is the range you’re looking for. However, each motherboard in this range is hand-crafted to suit a particular CPU design. Some of the notable points are:

  • Rich BIOS, multiple fan installations, attractive aesthetics, and heavy-duty gaming support.
  • An autonomous system that doesn’t rely on the components to perform. 
  • These are usually not compatible with low-end processors of any kind. So if you’re investing in this model, you need to consider standard components to get the performance you want. 

4. Over-The-Top MOBOs

To put it in short, these range around $250+ and come with almost everything you can expect from an X470 motherboard. You get complete customization, brilliant aesthetics, a kitchen sink, and much more. There are integrated features that eliminate the requirement of additional components, such as WiFi and other connectivity options. 

  • All the best features with heavy overclocking and heavy-duty gaming performance.
  • Compatible with every type of processor, usually high-end.
  • Easy to build but doesn’t require much building. 

The bottom line is, if you want to test X470’s waters, low-end will work. However, if aesthetics and additional features are your requirements, prepare to invest up to $250. Over the top, motherboards are not worth it unless you have a strong money flow and a sharp taste. You will get almost everything in a $200 motherboard, and there’s no need for you to go higher. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. Which One Is Better - B450 or X470 Motherboard?

Ans: There is no real comparison between X470 and B450. A B450 motherboard is a ‘cheaper’ alternative to X470, which compromises certain features. If you look at the tools and components available, they are all less-competent alternatives for B450.

 If you are looking for a hardcore gaming experience with over the top overclocking and exceptional build options, then X470 is the way to go. Let’s not forget about the processors X470 can support while B450 lags in this category. 

2Q. Do You Need BIOS Update For X470 Motherboard?

Ans: Unless you’re going for a higher level of processors and components, and X470 won’t require a BIOS update. However, any credible PC builder would tell you to update the BIOS to the latest version before you start building on it. So, to be on a safer side, attempt to update your BIOS.

A BIOS update is pivotal if you’re attempting to try processors or features which X570 offers. The X470 motherboards can similarly support X570 components like a B450 that can support X470’s features.

3Q. Is X470 Compatible With The Latest Ryzen Processors?

Ans: Yes, the X470 motherboards are compatible with the latest Ryzen processors. Whether it is 7th Gen or 9th Gen, you get optimum compatibility. An X470 motherboard is often consistent with older processors and GPU units, as well.

Thus, if you’re looking to utilize older components and slowly invest in building a robust gaming PC, you can achieve that with an X470. There is a limit to how low you can go, so research a bit before you purchase X470 without considering other component investments.

4Q. Is X470 Future Proof And A Worthy Investment?

Ans: Undoubtedly, X470 is going to stay in the market for years to come. Its lower-end counterpart, B450, is managing to hold its ground in the market.

There is no doubt that the success of the X470 motherboard has led several industrial giants to deliver components and features compatible with it. Unless it gets a strong competitor to completely turn the tables and throw it off the competition, you can invest securely in X47 without worrying about compatibility for at least the next three to five years.

5Q. Is X470 Motherboard Easy To Build For Users?

Ans: Apart from a plethora of features, performance enhancement, chipsets, and sufficiency, and X470 are popular due to its flexibility for customization. Most of the X470 motherboards will allow you to have ease at building as they support older integrations to the latest options available in the market.

However, BIOS updates might pose specific problems for you to calibrate the system. If you’re looking for an easy to build, try to opt for mid to high-end X470 motherboards, don’t go for low-end.


The X470 motherboard is a high-end selection for professional gamers looking to take it to the next level. Most of these motherboards tend to cost out of the budget of an average gamer.

So, if you’re getting an X470 motherboard under your budget, don’t miss the opportunity to grab it. Some of these have competitive pricing to the level that they match a B450 motherboard, which is supposed to be a toned-down and cheaper counterpart of X470.

We diligently looked for motherboards that are flexible to components and customization to evolve with time. This list of best X470 motherboards is what we came up with. Revolutionize your gaming performance and surpass the competition with a great gaming motherboard!

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