In the 21st century, wireless gadgets are becoming very popular and making lives extremely easy. When it comes to computer peripherals, people are looking for wireless technology over the frustrating wires. Are you searching for a good combo of wireless keyboard and mouse? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how our handpicked keyboard and mouse combinations will work the best.

The best wireless keyboard and mouse setup will give you the freedom to move whenever you are working on the computer. They will give you the convenience of navigating through the various applications, pinging your peers, as well as surfing the internet from the comfort of your couch or bed. The combination works on the principle of communicating with the tablet, or laptops that make use of the radio frequency and infrared radiations.

You can connect them readily to the desktop or laptop with just the help of wireless receivers.

Best Wireless Keyboards and Mouse – Pros & Cons

1. Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard Mouse

This is the best wireless keyboard and mouse combination that comes inclusive of the full-size keyboard as well as a precision mouse. You can work with them comfortably away from the laptop or computer. The combination is compatible with Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, and Vista. The reliable wireless connection works on 2.4 GHz frequency. It has one plug and plays a USB receiver that will work for the mouse and the keyboard.

You don’t require the installation of any additional software. It will give you a strong and reliable connection due to the flexible connective options. The ultra-slim aluminum design of the keyboard makes it a durable piece. Besides that, the parts of these peripherals are easy to use even from a distance. So, you can enjoy the smooth and comfortable typing along with clicking.

The hotkeys available give you access to the applications as well as media effortlessly. You can adjust the DPI switch according to your convenience because they are available between 3 DPI levels. The mouse and keyboard combination will be suitable for both ordinary and giving needs.

You can also get the optical laser parts for the precise moment, quick response, as well as tracking. The availability of the rechargeable battery, namely, the built-in Lithium battery ensures that you can flexibly use it for a longer span. The mouse also requires 2 AAA batteries that make it better over the competitors.


  • Solid and stylish looking combination
  • Responsive and super silent
  • Availability of extended function keys


  • The spacebar is clacky

2. Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This is the stylish wireless keyboard and mouse combination that is perfect for the home, workplace, or office setup. It’s time to give up the Touchpad for the full-size mouse and keyboard combination. You can easily connect with the plug and forget control.

You have to only plug it into the USB port. The installation procedure isn’t a lengthy one. You can use the mouse with flexibility whenever you require it. Both the keyboard and the mouse connected with the MK 270 combo make use of the 2.4 gigahertz connectivity.

This gives seamless integration and free usage. You can also use the keyboard within just 10 meters of the range without chances of the keyboard lag or dropout. The information is available in a secure way to the computer with the AES encryption. It will also work for the longest spans because of the Long battery life.

The keyboard is available for use without replacing batteries. It comes with the 8 hotkeys that are Programmable and flexible to work with different applications. You can also boost productivity when you use this setup. It will offer you flexibility in utilizing the Drop out connectivity.

The control is available for building a strong and reliable connection. You will never have to suffer due to the chances of dropouts. There are Programmable hotkeys for boosting productivity automatically. You can get access to it frequently by using the application setup program. It will then work with the available hotkeys. The USB toggle is also located in the storage compartment of the mouse.


  • Good battery life
  • Exclusive durability standards
  • Ergonomically designed piece for gaming


  • Incompatible with old receivers

3. Vssoplor wireless keyboard and mouse

You will get the availability of the ultra-slim wireless keyboard and mouse combination that is stylish and elegant. It is a perfect piece for the desk space. Now you can get the low profile keys that are extremely responsive and quiet. So, you can use this laptop keyboard mouse combination anywhere without further hassles. It works with the use of the 2.4GHz wireless combination that will keep you away from involving messy cables in your setup.

Based on the true plug and play, the keyboard and mouse combination will connect automatically in a fraction of seconds. You will also get the rechargeable batteries that will never require frequent battery replacement. The keyboard has the capability of standing up to last for four months with a single full charge.

You will also get the caps lock indicator that will assist you even during the instances of entering the wrong password. All you need to do is just plug in the USB receiver and then make the keyboard and mouse combination to automatically function. The availability of the rechargeable keyboard mouse that is built-in in the Lithium battery will save your money in the long run. The keyboard and the mouse combination can also sometimes run up to three months at a stretch with just a single charge. The availability of the high-end scissors will give the comfort of using it from even from a distance.

The quiet typing experience you will get with this piece will ensure that you can use it anywhere and at any time without disturbing others. There is the availability of the 3 Mouse DPI levels to ensure smooth functioning.


  • A lightweight model with good battery life
  • Ergonomically designed piece for gaming
  • Availability of the sleep mode


  • Starts working disturbingly in between

4. Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The keyboard-mouse combination is an ergonomically designed piece for natural typing. You can use it for flexibility. The layout is similar to some other keyboards but will keep you away from the stress of pressing the keys regularly. You can comfortably work with the best wireless keyboard and mouse setup because it has the 18 Programmable keys.

You can get rapid navigation to the applications you are using frequently. It works as an integrated piece that will let your palm rest and is also an adjustable one to reduce the fatigue in the areas that experience strain. You can use it for a longer span without chances even without disturbing heh people around you due to the large banging noises.

Now, it’s time to bid goodbye to the micro mouse as well as Touchpad versions. The laser mouse and keyboard combination will give you the detailed work as well as navigation. You will find only a handful of such excellent pieces in the present-day markets that will come with such good battery life. The three-year battery life on average is something that users love the most.

All you have to do is just set it up in a simple way. You have to plug in and then go ahead with it and with the keystrokes. The availability of safe encryption in this combination is an added benefit. The system requirements are XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, internet connection as well as a USB port.


  • Setting it up is an effortless task
  • Noiseless buttons
  • Durable piece with ergonomic parts


  • Batteries don’t last long.

5. VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The wireless mouse and keyboard combination is now focused on quality and innovation. The innovative combination is now standard and higher in standards than the others in the queue. In terms of technology, the combination will provide you with a better and simpler interface. It is an energy-saving independent piece that comes with an on/off switch.

The availability of the 104 keys on the keyboard will also come along with the DPI adjustable mouse. You can handle any task effortlessly at your home, office, or workplace when you have this amazing combination with you. The keyboard size is also a convenient one to fit on every desk space. The mouse size is also compatible to fit on the desks. You can use it for navigation.

There is one AAA battery for the wireless keyboard while the wireless mouse uses the two AAA batteries. You’ll get comfortable work experience while using it. The built-in foldable stand is available at the back of the computer keyboard along with the 8-degree tilt angle. It will give great positioning. So, it’s time to give up the frustrating issues of wrist pains.

12 multimedia shortcuts are incompatible with the Mac system. The hotkeys and keyboard will help you to monitor the music and movie, browse the web sites, open emails, and conveniently do everything according to your choice. The quiet typing and clicking sounds will give you a comfortable way of making strokes without disturbing others when you are sitting in the cafe or workplace.


  • Flat lying surface will relieve stress
  • Availability of well-defined tactical markers
  • Nice and quiet mouse click


  • Ambivalent on the mouse is a bit slower

6. Jelly Comb wireless keyboard and mouse

The full-sized laptop keyboard combination now comes as the sleek and stylish model. It has the play set up with the 2.4GHz wireless connection thus making it a long-lasting piece. You won’t have to worry anymore about the messy cables when you are using this plug and play setup.

It has a compact, slim design body that works with the number pad. It has a compact slim design body that works with the number pad looking that is more stylish and elegant. It will save the enormous desk space. The responsive and quiet unit will allow you to navigate from one place to the other with it without causing disturbance to others.

The availability of the three levels of adjustable DPI makes it easy for the user to use according to their preferences. The desired sensitivity will let the user overcome all the problems. One can simply plug it in with the USB receiver. There is a tiny receiver for the same that will connect to the mouse and the keyboard by using only the USB port.

The plug and play setup does not require any other driver for the operation. The availability of the Long battery life along with the independent on-off switch makes it a high-end model. The perfectly designed model is a bit raised at an angle. You will never get tired while using it for a long time. There is the numeric keypad and LED indicator for glowing when you input the numbers frequently. The attached number pad along with the caps lock indicator will never let you enter the wrong letter once again.


  • Function keys are group info overall
  • Balance of firmness and capabilities
  • Overall excellent quietness


  • Some people find it not durable

7. Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo

Now you can get your job done more comfortably with the special full-size keyboard and mouse. The integrated technology in the controlled precision mouse will give you the ease of navigating with the desktop to a purpose-built setup. You can comfortably place your wrist and hands on the surface and then continue with your work.

Now it’s time for you to type comfortably and accurately on the familiar keyboard. The set up comes with the generously textured palm rest, low-profile Whisper-quiet keys, as well as a durable spill-resistant design, to last for a longer span. The combo design can work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and later models. It comes with the Chrome operating system and the USB port.

The piece shows the reliability in terms of its design and convenience. You’ll also get the on-off switch that is available for the quiet typing. The easy access device is now a friendly and controlled model for the smooth operation. You can also make use of the precise tracking technology due to the availability of the 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

It will deliver the exact speed and reliability in the form of the coded connection. The availability of the extended battery life of a 3-year keyboard and mouse of 18 hours will eliminate the regular changes of battery. It is compatible to work when the resolution is set around 1000 DPI.


  • Good quality battery life and material
  • The ergonomically designed model is durable
  • Availability of the sleep mode
  • Perfect functionality for gaming


  • Downloading the drivers is tough

Buying Guide of Wireless Keyboard & Mouse:

In this section, you’ll come to know about the essential points that are worth the consideration while buying these combo packs. Have a look below. 

Factors to consider while buying the wireless keyboard and mouse:

1. Size

In case you are a frequent traveler who is always using the wireless keyboard and laptop support, then it’s worth considering the compact size keyboard. Again, for the normal-sized desktop computer or the personal computer, it’s better to choose the full-size keyboard that will become a good choice.

2. Battery life

You should always consider the power consumption by both the wireless keyboard and mouse. It is a basic thing that you should keep in mind while buying one. The combo set up will utilize less power and will also provide a longer battery life. So, it naturally becomes a good choice. While purchasing one, you should always go through all the specifications of the keyboard-mouse setup before buying one.

3. On/off switch

The keyboard mouse wireless setup combo that comes with the separate on-off switch for both the mouse and keyboard will allow you to save the battery life. This is an option that will allow the avoidance of unintended interruptions happening from the mouse while using the keyboard and vice-versa. 

4. Wireless Receiver

The wireless receiver series comes with the 2.4 GHz wireless protocol that will range up to 10 meters. For that, you have to look at the size of the wireless receiver. If you are planning to buy the keyboard-mouse combination for the laptop, it is always good to look for a small size for a Nano wireless receiver.

5. Storage socket

The wireless keyboard mouse combo will come with the inbuilt storage slot for the wireless receiver. You should always choose to buy these setups because they will avoid placing the wireless receiver. 

6. Comfort

When you are having a wireless keyboard mouse setup, it should encourage you with the correct posture and should also relieve the stress from your hands and wrists. You should always look for the ergonomically designed and adjustable keyboard type.

7. Capabilities

For the wireless keyboard, you should see that it has the shortcut keys like the media keys, operating system hotkeys, and the ability to customize the function keys. Moreover, it should be also capable of holding other functionalities like Bluetooth, backlighting, and anti-ghosting.

The mouse should come with the capability of optical tracking. It should also have the multi-connection USB support for allowing the extra port to stay in it. The blue track technology in modern setups is an added benefit. 


1Q. How do I use my wireless keyboard and mouse?

Ans: For that, you will have to remove the USB dongle from the battery compartment available on the keyboard. Now you have to insert the USB dongle into the computer. Then, turn the mouse on. Then, you have to synchronize the mouse and keyboard automatically.

2Q. Does a wireless keyboard need a USB?

Ans: Definitely not! The wireless mouse for a keyboard does not make use of the Wi-Fi and can only bind with the receiver that it has. The exception may be the Logitech unifying receiver that will allow connecting every device supportive of it. For that, it will make use of the USB port. But for the other mouse keyboard setups like we have mentioned above, there is never a need of purchasing an extra USB.

3Q. Why is my wireless keyboard and mouse not working?

Ans: When there is an issue with the USB port, then the receiver will not function for a longer period. As a result, you will see that the keyboard will stop functioning. You can fix the problem by unplugging the receiver and plugging it into a different port. For the USB, you can also replace the battery in the keyboard as well as the mouse by connecting the device. You can build a stronger connection.

For that, you can press the reconnect button available on the wireless receiver.  Again, you’ll have to build a connection on the mouse and keyboard. Failing to reconnect the wireless devices after the change of the batteries is one of the several causes of the wireless keyboard and mouse failure.

4Q. Is the combination worth the price?

Ans: The wireless keyboard allows the user to more comfortably use it without straining. People who will sit in front of the computer for longer periods can change the position of the keyboard and mouse according to their convenience. So, there is no more need for worrying about the differences in the mouse.

5Q. Do I need WiFi for connecting the setup to my computer?

Ans: You will certainly not need any kind of internet connection. The wireless keyboard and mouse make use of the proprietary protocol that comes with their USB receiver device. There are no more hassles of purchasing the extra units with extra payments.

Final Word:

We have tried to cover the remarkable names of the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Each of these names has mentioned above has features that are excellent in terms of giving you high-performance output. You can choose the one that will match your preferences and will serve your day-to-day work.  

From our list, we find Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo as the most reviewed model while the VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo will serve your tight budgets. In our latest picks, we have made sure that the capabilities of each of these setups are unmatchable.


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