AMPs are a part of the world-renowned warframe title. Warframe is a fantastic game for you to enjoy. The overall environment of the game basis is on the action role-playing genre. The breathtaking sequences and massively multiplayer environment is appreciable. Gamers from all around the world are joining in the warframe hype. Warframe has a considerable user base. The game uses AMPs to offer users with weapon choices. These special weapons are all the rage for gamers who enjoy this title.

In this article, we are going to cover the best warframe AMP. Improve your skills and get the best results in the game through this guide.

Warframe AMP – What is it?

AMPs are modern weapons that are customizable for the tenno operators. Every player starts as one and has the opportunity to progress within the game. These weapons are available through the Quills and Vox Solari’s clans within the game. These will act as a gauntlet that is wearable on the right forearm of the playable character. The AMPs help alter and weaponize the void’s energy pool. You can make attack moves without disturbing your energy or hampering other abilities. Three main parts of the amps decide their power and skills. 

How to Build an AMP?

An AMP consists up of three unique parts. To successfully generate one for your game, you need to have them ready. The three parts are namely –

1. Prisms

These affect the AMP’s primary void firing modes. These will dictate the type of shot fired from the AMP in your game. You can work on the beam and decide how to improve your gameplay. 

2. Scaffolds

These parts help to decide the secondary beam of your AMP. Users need tremendous help to determine if they can use these devices in the game. It is great to have a backup ready. 

3. Brace

These act as enhanced attachments for the different tools within the game. You can improve your overall in-game presence through them and get more damage. These are beneficial for further improvements over the prisms and the brace. 

Tiers of components in Warframe:

Different tiers within the game help users to get results. Every component that you need for building comes in 7 levels. Users can unlock them as they progress within the game. Users can, however, mix and match different tiers and pieces within the game. There are over 343 AMP combinations in the warframe game. The possibilities are endless for users to improve and increase their command. 

How to get AMP parts?

People who are just starting with the game need to be a little patient. There are only two locations where you can purchase working parts for building your AMP. The Prisms, Scaffold, and Braces are available with Quill Onkko in Cetus. They have interests ranging from tier 1 to tier 4. It is perfect for new people. You have the opportunity to improve and become much better. As you progress in the game, new regions are unlocked. Little Duck in Fortuna is known to offer users with parts of higher tiers. You can find gears ranging from level 5 to tier 7. 

Users need to improve their relationship with the sellers to get the correct results. Once you have started as a new player, the standing can only increase. Work your way up the ranks to purchase better products. As your relationship will improve, the sellers will offer your premium parts. It will help to strengthen your online presence in the game. Eventually, you will be able to dominate other players and win quick battles.

Best AMP for Hunting:

Eidolon Vomvalyst is a nasty creature that is good for hunting purposes. It would be best if you were quick and have an AMP that can deal with the most damage in the least time. The prisms are necessary means of primary fire but are not sensible against Eidolons. In this case, you can use any Prism for the AMP. Our focus is mainly on the secondary source of fire or the scaffold. For this guide, we are going to use the Tier 2 Shraksun scaffolds. 

There is no need to use primary fire whenever dealing with Eidolons. The tier 2 scaffold is known for its quick damage and punches through different types of property. Give severe damage to them and quickly get rid of such animals. 

The best brace to pair with the Tier 2 scaffold is the Tier 7 brace. It is useful for quick combat. The certus brace enables you to draw massive damage without wasting time. It improves the AMPs’ critical chance potential by 20%. If you don’t have a Tier 7 brace, then try out the Lohrin tier 3 Braces. It provides a meager 12% increase in critical chance. The AMP is still worth the curations.

The combination comes out to be X23 or X27 for Eidolon hunting.

Best AMP for Combat:

General combat needs to be fluid and quick. Users should invest in an AMP that deals massive damage and is effortless in management. We recommend that you try out different combinations to improve your mechanics. It would be best if you focused on things like crowd control and synergy association with the AMP. In this guide, we will suggest that you try out the killer 777 combos for your general combat AMP.

It has all the necessary arcane power you require. The devices deal with the maximum damage and are best to create in higher levels of gameplay—users who are just starting need to get to a higher rank. You can start with a 223 combo for the AMP. The tier 2 Shwaak prism and the tier 2 Shraksun scaffold are a great combo. You can pair them with the Lohrin brace for extra critical damage. 

It will go perfectly with righteous fury arcane. Users will get different damage points for using this AMP. 


Warframe is a great third party game for users who want to live in a virtual sci-fi world. The incredible storyline and breathtaking combat are going to keep you busy. The AMPs are the primary source of war and void energy within the game. You need to pay careful attention while using them in your games. In this guide, we cover all the necessary information you need to know for warframe AMPs.

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