The use of VPN has enhanced in the recent past and we have witnessed that internet privacy is a big deal of concern for online gamers. As you are streaming your game on YouTube or if you are playing on a particular website, with 4 players connected to a single server then it becomes necessary to have a secured VPN connection with your PS4. In this regard, we are here to assist you with the best VPNs available for your PlayStation 4.

If you are fond of playing games in your PlayStation 4, you will be surprised to know that there is an abundance of VPN available for protecting your cybersecurity in PlayStation 4. With the help of a VPN, your PS4 turns out to be quite eligible for restricting content that degrades the system.

Best PS4 VPN in 2020 – Expert Reviews

Now let us begin with the list of top-ranked VPN, that are available on online electronic hubs, Amazon and in any kind of VPN Store. These VPNs are popular and they are widely used by many professional gamers in the USA and Europe. So let us check them, without wasting any time:

1. ExpressVPN

This VPN is the most suitable one for your PlayStation 4. It blocks all kinds of unnecessary content that can degrade your gaming efficiency. Professional expertise has stated that Express VPN has got super fast, most reliable and ultra-secure features. This is what gamers look for- they don’t want to take unnecessary dilemmas for their security purpose. Apart from being the most reliable VPN service for PlayStation 4, ExpressVPN has got efficient and firm encryption. Now if you are looking for the salient features of express VPN, let us check them out:

  • 24/7 live streaming support in any kind of chrome and Firefox extension.
  • Compatible for PS-4.
  • Spontaneous setup and easily accessible for devices.
  • Express VPN has got the ultimate protection for user logs and Internet protocol leaks.
  • While playing games, online business is the main point of concern. Express VPN allows data encryption so that no one can see what you are doing in your server.
  • It turns out to be anonymous within a short span of time.

This VPN has turned out to gain acceptance in between a huge range of customers, who are basically gamers and they have given feedback of 9.8-star rating out of 10.

2. CyberGhost VPN

When any gamer is looking for enhanced speed and utmost privacy features, then it is worthwhile to say that Cyberghost VPN serves its purpose without any kind of doubt. Gamers have said that the main problem they face while playing games on PS4, is the unwanted appearance of an advertisement on the screen, popping out very frequently.   In this regard, it is always better to inform you that Cyberghost has got a well advanced and most upgraded Advertisement blocking system. If you want to sample this VPN before purchasing, then Cyber ghost allows you to have a free demo trial run on your PlayStation 4, which is valid up to 45 days.  CyberGhost VPN has got an abundance of services available for gamers and to be more precise Cyber ghost forms a perfect combination with PlayStation four. So let us see the characteristic of this VPN server:

  • Gamers are available to play region- games that are strictly blocked.
  • Secured PLAYSTATION privacy, with utmost virus prevention efficiency.
  • Gamers who play online games are eligible to access all kinds of blocked gaming websites.
  • Online game streaming from PlayStation 4 is very much suitable.

So Cyberghost has got a wide range of fan base for serving the gaming world with high-quality performance in safeguarding their online privacy. This Cyber ghost VPN has obtained a 9.4-star rating out of 10.

3. Surfshark VPN

To be very honest this VPN is one of the biggest competitors of Cyber Ghost and Expressvpn. It supports and serves all the purpose that is served by Cyber Ghost and Expressvpn. Now see some amazing features of Surfshark VPN:

  • This server is spread over 1040 plus locations in 61 different countries that make it familiar with the gaming professionals.
  • For PlayStation 4, this VPN server adds a different characteristic by launching Audited for Security feature.
  • Live chat support for twenty-four hours.
  • The unique feature of this product allows you to stop playing games when it gets disconnected. This disconnection is a symbolic representation that the VPN has stopped working and the system is unprepared to face any kind of external threats.
  • If someone is playing a multiplayer game then this VPN server acts as a multiplayer protection shield, which allows you to connect as many devices with Surf Shark.
  • The clean web is a handy feature of this server that provides gamers to undergo a cleaning on the malware, trackers and phishing attempts.
  • As this VPN server is quite new and it is still unknown to many people–the official feedback is rated around 8.7 stars out of 10.

4. IP Vanish VPN

When PlayStation is ready to serve you with utmost efficiency when you are ready for yourself to experience that best gaming online- at that point of time, problems related to internet security is meaningless. To solve your dilemma let us help you out by providing IPVanish VPN, which serves the exact purpose when it comes to your system and PlayStation. So we should know the important feature of this VPN Server from below:

  • Before purchasing this product, it is better to use the 7 days demo trail and you can even see whether this server is acting up to your satisfaction or not.
  • Once you are allowing your server to get full access on the internet, at the same point of time you are allowing different invaders to see your privacy. This is where the IPVanish counter attacks the invader and solves the problem by producing multiplayer server protection.
  • It has got zero traffic logs.
  • 256-bit encryption supportable.

There is an abundance of criteria that makes IPVanish ranked among the topmost products.

Pick Best VPN From the below Comparison Table:

The decision for the best analysis will be gained for the analysis given below. We want you to know the main purpose as we have tabulated in the format and this will help you to enhance your decision making capability. So let us see those factors.

Checklist of features available in provided VPNs:

  SurfShark ExpressVPN CyberGhost IPVanish
Adblocker Yes Yes Yes Yes
No of devices to pair with PlayStation & the VPN server Any Number of devices Limited 7 5
Whitelist Yes No No No
Invader blocking Yes Yes No Yes
Privacy Protection 95% 90% 85% 80%
Price $1.99/Month $6.67/Month $3.22/Month $2.75/Month


So when you want to protect your location, then simply you need to buy the best VPN and we have recommended in the above section. So it is better not to waste time anymore and experience your PlayStation gaming with the utmost ease.

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