PlayStation 4 achieved an overall success for Sony, which leads us to a wider range of PlayStation audiences who are enthusiastically waiting for their upcoming game titles in the year 2020. However, considerable attention is still fixed on the successor of PlayStation 4. This console is not yet finished here, as it has a lot more games lined up for this year. Moreover, Ps4 has no shortage of games as it breaks into this twilight year. We are heading to pick out some of the substantial games coming to Ps4 this year.Ps4 has a wide range of games that offer addition to Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII and ‘The Last of Us Part II’. In this list, we have short down those games which are confirmed to launch on the Ps4. It has included both first party and third party games whether we have to present a gallery where you can get those games that have release dates, launch window.

List of Best PS4 Games in 2020:

Here is the list of some thrilling games which will surely give you a breathtaking experience to play-

1. Final Fantasy VII: Remake

After releasing the first part of this game on PS3, many fans have eagerly waiting for a return to the FFVII world. Finally, they are able to get their hope at E3 2015 with the disclosure of the remainder of the classic PS1 JRPG.  Do you want to know what is special about the remake of Final Fantasy VII? It is not basically a one-to-one remake of the original, but rather it is a reimagining. The first part of the installments series whether in this remake version the long road of re-energize the whole story of the basic gameplay.

In the opening location of Midgar, we can see different vital story beats, iconic battles and locations which seem to be inact; every aspect has the latest flair to it. Moreover, here you will be able to level up numerous attributes of Materia loadouts and your party’s weapons with an active mode. Apart from all these new additions you can also get a few fresh characters and inclusion of new events which you cannot see in the original. This does not end here!! It also has an insertion of new subplots to the pre-developed story.

Despite the modern approach to FFVII, this game will also offer numerous options to produce the feel of the original. These options help you to switch to conventional turn-based combat. However, if you have ever got a chance to play this game then you will surely be impressed with how it managed to reconstruct the original game comprehensively. Therefore, we can say that you will be eager to get your hands on this game on April 10, 2020.

2. Nioh 2

Team Ninja is preceding another bang at the Soulsborne formula with Nioh 2. The original part of this game recorded an outstanding debut into the genre for the occupied action game developer. Now, with this addition, Team Ninja is elaborating their formula to another extent. One interesting fact about this game series is, the first game was launched 50 years ago, which indicates that you will no longer play as the Samurai character William Adams.

  • However, it is not disappointing news for all, because this time you will get the freedom to customize your own character and start a new journey in the midst of the Sengoku era across Japan.
  • Moreover, what gives you an extra excitement to play this game is its character’s ability. In its last part we have seen they are just normal human beings, but this time you will get a supernatural power because the characters are offspring of a Yokai and a human. Thereby, you can unleash many magical moves to attack your enemies and they are capable of extreme power.

This game will provide you to play with your friends simultaneously, as you can add three players to play cooperatively across new modes of multiplayer gaming. What Nioh 2 focuses on doesn’t sound to remake the wheel, but we are wishing to focus on a new addition of yokai powers. It can develop the shortcoming of the old game while progressing what made it unique from different games. However, this game will just come as it will be released on 13 March 2020.

3. Doom Eternal

If you are thinking that Doom couldn’t get any more vicious and wild then you must look forward to the upcoming game namely Doom Eternal. However, in the year of 2016 reboot enticed many minds with its fluid combat action sequence and fast-paced impenitent attitude? So, what are you thinking that the latest will defer from the old one while maintaining the prime conceit? This is the little thing that really matters. In this latest edition, we can see new traversal machines which almost immediately make it depart from the old version of this game.

In this gameplay with the help of climbing abilities and hooks to fastening onto and you also can swing to a long distant platform. Therefore, it can effortlessly generate multiple options for combating even more than before. You can see other layers to firefights that originate from the damaged part of the enemy’s body. In terms of refilling your health and ammo in the midst of chaos, you need to achieve glory kills. With the inclusion of asymmetrical mode, this game is trying to innovate something really unique and big.

Here in the battle mode characters are shafted as demons to face off against incorporate MOBA elements and doom slayer. The developers at id Software come to do their damndest to differentiate Doom Eternal from the previous edition of 2016. However, what gamers love most about the game is tearing demons and ripping them.  This game will come this year on 20 March.

4. Persona 5 Royal

The reason behind anticipating Persona 5 Royal is like the series past, which renovates the version of the primary game which follows a few years after its release. However, through all accounts, Atlus developer is going towards the extra mile in terms of recreating the original RPG. This game already reaches an electrifying height, whether the arrival of new characters will definitely make a huge hype among the upcoming Ps4 gaming world.

Among all the fresh characters, Kasumi Yoshizawa is the popular insertion as a new party member. Her presence omnipotence and you can have this character throughout the storyline. It makes a dynamic change in the native baseline story. She is not alone who arrived for the first time in this game, but you can also suppose to see a new palace which establishes a dangerous and bulk persona.

  • Moreover, you can get an opportunity to discover many new locations in the old palace whether you can find various items to collect.
  • This time the action sequences are really going to improve with the addition of various game functions and improvement of baton pass. This is not the end! You also can see numerous machines and supportive features which make this gameplay innovative and decorative.
  • Moreover, you can get opportunities to hang out at different locations such as Kichijoji which is an extra spot. The chief story might be the biggest draw, and with all the inclusive elements surrounding P5R. However, we think we have provided sufficient reason to revisit this game of Phantom who thrives with wonderful RPG for the first time. This game has already launched in Japan, but it is yet to launch throughout the world on March 31, 2020.

5. CyberPunk 2077

There we have a little bit of information about this most awaited game which will come out on April 16, 2020. We are gradually collecting information about this game and what we have seen that lately, we can suggest that this game will be almost similar to Dishonored, Deus Ex and Thief.

The most recent news about this game is that they launch their new look which emphasizes the capability to seek a variety of ways in various situations depending upon the character you customize. Moreover, you can get the option to choose your own way and can apply your own play style.

  • In this story, the protagonist Johnny Silverhand plays an essential character that mostly remains in the head of the player’s character. Thereby, we can call it a ‘digital ghost’.
  • This may sound thematic encapsulation which we can usually expect from this game. However, if you play this game you can see throughout the entire game you will be guided by your own choices and there you can see a variety of gray morality mixed up.

6. Marvel’s Avenger

It is needless to say anything about the Avengers series, as we have seen a couple of blockbuster movies sequel come under the banner of Avengers. Therefore, it already has stolen many hearts of the audiences with their mesmerizing action sequences. After the launch of Avenger’s End game, the media hype is on its zenith. In the midst of this popular action movie release, this game creates an ultimate benchmark on the Ps4 gaming world.

However, critics and experienced gamers are contesting this game with God of War. Apart from all this news, you can play with all key members of the Avenger team. This is a multiplayer game that offers equal to something like Destiny. You can use various superpowers and can beat enemies with a bunch of extraordinary abilities.

Why choose PS4 over other gaming consoles?

This question has been asked by several people on several websites and people have always tried to find an answer regarding the specialty of PS4. Let me tell you!! PS4 came into existence because of the Genius approach by a world-renowned technology brand Sony!! Isn’t that enough? PlayStation can be chosen over other gaming consoles mainly because of the variety of different games that it supports.

Apart from this, customer service provided by the company is also good as per previous customer views. Upgradation of PlayStation is also seen to be systematically done by Sony and the product also comes at an affordable price. Thus, the games that can be played by gamers belonging to the PlayStation Community in 2020 have been put in a nutshell above. You can always keep yourself posted more about the games that are being upgraded by XBOX Community and Playstation Community by keeping an eye on our posts on a regular basis.

Enjoy the new games that are released and make us aware of your views of the games after they are launched. You can also comment on new technology-related discussions and gaming related ideas that are required by you. Your comments will enable us to progress and develop new content as per your demands. Subscribe for more ideas related to games as per your preference.


1Q. What is the basic change of the Final Fantasy game between the previous part and the latest one?

Ans: FFVII brings a dynamic change in its latest edition whether they insert multiple new characters and locations. However, the basic change belongs to the latest inclusion of sub-plot which is fully decorated with thrilling combat sequences.

2Q. What are the Nioh2 key features that can attract gamers?

Ans: First, we would like to mention the most advantage of this game is that you can play with your friends because of the multiplayer mode.

3Q. Doom eternal is which type of game?

Ans: This is completely an action game whether you need to survive from the attack of different enemies.

4Q. In which genre Persona 5 Royal Game Launch?

Ans: You can have this game in the Adventure segment. As this game is primarily developed on the plot of an adventure story.

5Q. What is the basic storyline of CyberPunk 2077?

Ans: This game is all about exploring different locations and committing in various combat modes.

6Q. What is the specialty of marvel's Avengers Gameplay?

Ans: Before, saying anything we must remember that it has already taken a huge place among millions of hearts because of their famous characters like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Thereby, we can say that the characters make a difference and bring something special in this game.

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