Fortnite is an online computer video game that was launched in 2017 by Epic Games developer. The game is extremely popular among the youths and they are crazy to play it. Fortnite is quite action packed game and requires wise knowledge as well as the good hold of devices including mouse.

So how you can make your gaming experience better? Well, You can use the best mouse that’s specially designed for fortnite. Want to know How to select? Continue reading..

Buying Guide – How to Choose Best Mouse?

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1. Mouse Buttons

If you are aware of Fortnite game or current players, you must be known to the fact that Fortnite requires two vital abilities: Building; and creating weapons. Initially, to make your move more accurate and better you will be requiring simple yet cordially related mouse buttons, Logitech G600 has good mouse buttons which are efficient and quick.

2. Sensor

A good sensor can lead to your victory in Fortnite, most of the mouse comes with an optimal accuracy sensor but it is important to understand that which one will be suitable for you.

3. DPI

Dots per unit define the term of how many pixels per linear inch a mouse will be able to detect. In simpler terms, modern mouse boasts up to 16,000 DPI which states that if you move your mouse one inch a bit over your mouse pad, your on-screen pointer will move automatically move 16,000 pixels

4. Size

No matter what happens, you should feel comfortable while holding a mouse, gamers generally play for long hours and need a good grip mouse, Razer DeathAdder Elite can be considered as a good option.

List of Best Fortnite Mouse With Review:

Throughout this segment, we will further propose you with the best mouse you can opt for your Fortnite game. These best Mouse for Fortnite are available in the Amazon store and we have purportedly scrutinized all the five products with verified customer reviews.

1. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

.Logitech G600 was launched in 2019 with a sole intention to cater to the gamers. This mouse can be easily purchased by spending $70.99 approx. don’t panic, the price may pinch your packet slightly but it’s surely worth it as it contains some unique features that are mind boggling. While buying a mouse for our video game we often try to give more emphasis on cost, and Logitech G600 understands your concern. This mouse is easily available at under $50.

Key Highlights:

  • Logitech G600 has 20 buttons tuned inside
  • The effects and colors are easily customizable
  • Reduces hand fatigue with the modern design of sculpted and supportive pressure
  • Three individual game profiles can be stored onboard
  • G-shift option doubles the functionary of buttons


1. Buttons

Being a gamer, professional or amateur, to check button compatibility in a gaming mouse is the basics. When you sit prepared with your Fortnite, Logitech G600 assists you with a boost of 200 MMO diversely tuned button grips. You can Power Play with your every movement with three primary buttons, including DPI, power switching buttons and 12 thumb buttons with an option of scroll and tilt.

2. Panel

The overall dual thumb panel has been designed distinctively by taking developing inputs from the leading MMO game developers across the globe. You will get immediate access to all the 12 primary skills under your thumb tips! Logitech G600 has placed six-button helps very carefully that helps you reduce any click errors This worry is also sorted by Logitech G600, relieved, isn’t it?

3. Customize

Playing a game like Fortnite gives you a feeling of immense superiority, doesn’t it? Yeah, we understand in the same manner as Logitech G600 did, how? Well, they have introduced an exorbitant eye-soothing takedown by furnishing 16 million different color profiles. Black, Magenta or Peace white which one is in your list? These intimidating color features give you a provocative essence that leads to trigger a different level of trance inside you while playing your Fortnite.

4. Shape

Fortnite is something that you cannot let it go off easily but, most of the time your palm starts paining because of rigorously holding your gaming mouse. Logitech G600 is shaped keeping in mind all scientific rules. The molding of the mouse is designed to eliminate the pain that you tend to occur with other gaming mice. Each button is carefully tuned to reduce hand fatigue while playing.

5. Laser

Categorizing gaming mouse with the usage of laser! Yes, you’re reading it right. Nowadays you must know that the influx of laser technology is eating up the market like Australia’s Forest fires. Since this is in the market, Logitech G600 thought why to keep you secluded from this, and fortunately, you will discover a high precision laser tracking comprising a dpi range of 8200. It is also equipped with an ultra-durable USB cable as well.

6. DPI

You will be able to set up five DPI levels in each profile that can double the number of your actions and performance in your Fortnite game.


According to Amazon’s verified customers who have used Logitech G600 calls it an excellent mouse. They reviewed it by stating that it runs smoothly with quick responsiveness. Fortnite is an MMO game that means you can play with as many people you want, friends, random competitors or siblings. Logitech G600 gives you the pleasure to play MMO games decently. Reviewers also were pleased to write that Logitech has given a lot of emphasis on button design so that during the pace of any game you have less chance to incur any click errors But, unfortunately, some customers pointed out that it is ergonomically poor could have been better in performance. Customer feedbacks are always submerged with pros and cons but, the ultimate decision lies onto you. We hope we have somewhat made Logitech G600 simpler to understand.

2. Steelseries Rival 310 Mouse

Who hasn’t used Steelseries!! We all have that one or two product devices in our room from Steelseries. This company from Denmark is a leading brand in the world of gaming periphery, from gaming accessories to gaming devices this Danish company caters to all. Its most trusted products are mice and keyboards. You must be delighted to know that Steelseries Rival 310 is another compatible mouse after Logitech G600 to support Fortnite game and delivering you with superb gaming experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Ergonomically designed for fast-paced comfort and performance
  • Saves a performance chart of the game
  • Split trigger- both left and right side and delivers guaranteed durability of 50 million clicks.


1. Gaming sensor

In-built with TrueMove3, it has an excellent tracking sensor. TrueMove3 is a technology where you will be assisted with 12,000 CPI, and 350 IPS optical sensor. You must be wondering, why need a sensor? The answer is quite simple when you play computer games your mice get more inclined with a distance from your mouse pad, isn’t it? Yes, it’s a must to face but the worst is when this gets affected in your game movement. To reduce this possibility Steelseries have introduced this sensor-based technology wherein, you will be free from jitter and interpolation

2. Style

A bulky, plain, matte look of mice doesn’t give you a nice feeling, moreover, you feel not use it even and can get a peep taunts from your friends as well but, Steelseries Rival 310 is enabled with Prism Sync technology meaning a multi-color lighting effect. This feature gives you a more stylish look and if you dim the lights of your room, you will realize that your lighting effects are enhancing your room ambiance.

3. Buttons

Steelseries Rival 310 comes with an exclusive split-trigger button design that breaks the monotony of using one piece of plastic from front to back. Steelseries introduced this split trigger as they consider splitting the triggers will provide an excellent click force and consistency.

4. Design

The ergonomic design is also a key aspect that can be kept if you result in buying this mouse for your Fortnite game. Rival 310 is designed to pay more attention to the comfort level of your palm. Whether you like palm grip or claw grip the shape of Rival 310 bags you with endless comfort and hassle-free gaming sessions

5. Lightweight

To make it super light, every material is crafted wisely so that the Rival 310 mice is lightweight and extremely durable.


Applauded for its unique sensor technology this mouse is accepted by a lot of people. They have eventually commented saying that Rival 310 gives a great mouse precision as compared to other mice in the market. Customers have subsequently written that Rival 310 uses a better quality of material and fits perfectly in the palm, and is extremely fast with a total of 2000 DPI. The cord of the mouse is not braided and is fine if you are playing games on your desktop. However, customers are not satisfied with the USB cable they are a little jazzy to use. Overall for playing Fortnite game, this mouse is a good option for the mid-range periphery.

3. Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer is a world leader in High gaming hardware, software, and systems they read their tagline For Gamers, By Gamers. This company is American based and is also famous for award-winning laptop designs. Why Razer mice for your Fortnite game? The answer is simple Razer DeathAdder is the world’s no.1 best-selling gaming mouse in the United States. Launched in 2016 Razer DeathAdder proved to be a successful product in the market.

Key Highlights:

  • New age eSports optical sensor.
  • Persistent accuracy
  • 7 programming buttons
  • Customizable
  • Decently responsive
  • Rubber slide grip


1. Buttons

Razer DeathAdder has 7 programmable buttons and allows you to remap and simplify complex macro functions.

2. Customize RGB lighting

This mouse includes 16.8 million colors presets and also allows you to sync with gameplay and Razer Chroma. It is powered by Razer synapse that modifies your gaming experience with unlimited usage of millions of color combinations.

3. Optical sensor system

Though developed in 2016, it has an advanced level of optical sensor and mouse switches that will improve the accuracy and speed of your Fortnite game which will end up giving you a feel of professionalism among various other players. It has a 5 G optical sensor. Razer DeathAdder Elite has an accuracy level of 99.4% and a DPI comprising of 16,000 that can track about 450 inches per second.

4. Switches Durability

Backed by a 2-year warranty, Razer DeathAdder Elite is supported up to 50 million clicks.


According to various opinions, customers believe that Razer DeathAdder Elite is fairly a comfortable mouse that sets its fingers and palm well, moderately responsive and with the rubber grip, your fingers do not slip off if you have a problem of sweaty hands. The buttons are close to the thumbs and that enhances the player to play more efficiently. The black matte finish is super classy and will be a treat to those who are obsessed with black.  But, it’s a nature of law that everything has a good side and a negative side, Razer DeathAdder Elite’s synapse tech is a bit lagging and complex, to avail that particular feature you need to log in with an account.

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