Are you looking for the best micro-ATX cases for your PC? Well, you have landed at the right place. There are some of the highly-selling micro-ATX cases enlisted in this article, so you are only getting the best. Read the article to make a worthy decision. (Keep it at the top of the image we will be using with this article- for the editor)

You can now get the Best Micro- ATX Case for the PC that isn’t just the piece of aesthetics. It will have an overall impact on how the Gaming Rig will look from outside. A PC case will serve both the shelter and protection for the internals. So, if you invest in one of such pieces, it will play a major role.

Best Micro-ATX Cases

Good packaging will also give you the best space, graphic cards, and the right storage along with their RAM all within the affordable limit. When you are building the best gaming PC, it’s better to find the PC Best Micro- ATX Case that will help to hold the components and to keep an extra room for future expansion.

You can also hunt for the glass side panel, one that is ideal for showcasing the RGB lighting. Whether you are on a budget or ready to pay a ransom amount, you can try these best PC cases in 2020.

List of Best Micro- ATX Cases – 2020 [Reviews]

In this guide, you will come to know about the top 7 best options in the market and get a glimpse at the individual pros and cons. This review article is based on the best cheap monitor reviews.

1. Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered Glass Black Spcc Micro ATX Gaming Computer Case

This Best Micro- ATX Case is designed especially for the entry-level PC Builders and Gamers. It comes with a tempered glass edition micro case that features simplicity in its appearance. There are two hidden 2.5 inches and two hidden 3.5 inches parts. The fan is supportive enough for the accessory. It supports Mini ITX Micro ATX motherboard. There is a max CPU cooler height of 150mm.

The features length at its maximum without the front fan is 350mm. The maximum PSU length is around 220mm. The availability of the 4mm thick tempered glass panel is the backbone of the durability of the display. You’ll get a crisp overall clarity.

The aluminum mesh front panel comes with the built-in blue LED strip that is supported with the perforated top panel. The height and footstep allow an efficient airflow system. There are also handy input-output ports that are designed for the USB 3. Moreover, you’ll get 2 standard ports available for USB 2. The sound quality is a result of 1 HD microphone and headset.

You can experience that there are no more wiring Tangled problems with the cable routing gap. You can get Ultra smoothness for building the system and guaranteeing better output.


Dimensions 15.35 x 8.07 x 14.96 inches
Weight 10.21 pounds
Ports USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1
CPU cooler height 155mm


  • With the system, you can get easy to remove parts
  • Enhanced durability due to the quality of material
  • Minimized noise level
  • Easy to assemble stylish parts


  • Not all the parts last longer.
  • Front power button shows a distorted operation.

2. Cooler Master MCB-Q300L-KANN-S00 MasterBox Matx Tower

This designed piece will give you a feeling of achievement and reward. It is something that is uniquely created in order to be suitable for your function. The straight forward option becomes a great space due to its functionality, modularity, and firm performance.

It also serves as a durable piece due to the availability of thick left tempered glass windows. There are additional supports including the easy cable management design and liquid cooling compatible specifications. You will also get ventilation options.

The entire Best Micro- ATX Case comes supportive of the latest PC hardware and all high-end GPU solutions. Overall, the case becomes a good choice for the ones opting for the stylish PC case. They also come with the manageable frame size along with advanced features.

It comes from a combination of the practical design as well as unique customizable aesthetics. So, you can use it for your office or home purposes. It comes with the magnetic filters input-output panel, acrylic side panel, small form factor, clean routing space, ATX support as well as excellent thermal performance.

There is system flexibility due to the availability of the six orientation panels including front, top, and bottom. The edge to edge acrylic side panel ensures the build with a full-size transparent structure. The routing spaces around 28mm for the hidden cable management. The small form factor ensures that it can accommodate even a normal ATX PSU.


Dimensions 15 x 9.05 x 15.23 inches
Weight 1.06 pounds
Ports 2 x USB 3.0, Audio I/O
CPU cooler height 157mm


  • Stylish design space with easy to assemble parts
  • You can easily remove its parts
  • Durable with low noise due to material quality


  • The front input-output panel screws are too tight.

3. Rosewill Micro-ATX Mini Tower

The mini-tower Best Micro- ATX Case now comes with an excellent cooling feature. It has a 120mm front blue LED fan with the 120mm rear panel. There are also vents on the side and front Panel for delivering efficient ventilation, along with an effective cooling system.

The blue light plays the role of moving out of the front vent holes thus creating a mystic ambiance. The screwless design comes with a supportive external 5.25 inches and 3.5 inches device installation interface.   Bottom space can be also customised for accommodating 2.5 inches or 3.5 inches HDD / SSD for enhanced expandability.

There are two USB 3 ports along with two USB to ports. There are some special audio ports that are located on the front panels. You can have a handy connection. So, you can now connect the system with it. The motherboard compatibility is micro ATX. The overall sleek design, good performance function, and style make this case a budget-friendly package.

It comes with the black coated interior and exterior showing the simple and clean lines. You will get a high-quality design at your fingertips when you buy this piece. The cooling system will also make it a value for money. There is the front-mounted USB 3 port that will enable taking advantage of the latest transfer technology. It takes into consideration the large size files HD movies as well as photos.


Dimensions 15.74 x 7.29 x 14.37 inches
Weight 8.82 pounds
Ports 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, Audio In/Out(AC97, HD)
CPU cooler height 120mm


  • There is it to assemble and remove parts
  • You can get easy to install interface
  • The high-quality material ensures durability
  • It is perfect for gaming


  • The HDD panel is not removable.

4. CORSAIR Crystal 280X RGB Micro-ATX Best Micro- ATX Case

The Crystal series high-performance micro ATX case comes with the beautiful tempered glass panels. It has the stunning RGB fans with the innovative dual-chamber internal layout. So, you will get overall clean looks and build.

The outstanding cooling potential offers enough room for the 6 cooling fans and multiple liquid cooling radiators. There is a dual-chamber design that will let you put the core hardware on the display and keep the drivers clean. You can also keep away the cables and PSU within the dedicated compartment.

The availability of the 32GB led is controlled by the software that makes it easy to match the setup. It will also create amazing lighting effects and a synchronized pattern for the lighting.

It is compatible with a liquid cooler like H55, H60, H75, H08i, H90, H100i, H105, H110i, and H115i. The dedicated storage compartment has a good size of 3.5 inches drive and three 2.5 inches. Together they will keep the system clean without sacrificing the storage capacity.

This Best Micro- ATX Case and motherboard costs a bit less when compared to the Mini ITX motherboards and cases. Gamers working with a packed budget find it hard to invest in mini ITX cases. So, they can start venturing for the micro ATX case.

This is the suitable micro ATX case for the budget and requires consideration of certain factors and specifications. They are extremely popular among gamers due to their versatility, efficiency, as well as affordable price points. They also offer the perfect chassis for both casual as well as hardcore gaming.


Dimensions 15.67 x 10.87 x 13.82 inches
Weight 15.93 pounds
Ports 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 3.1 type C
CPU cooler height 144mm


  • Enhanced durability due to high-quality material
  • Easy to remove and assemble parts
  • versatility with the low noise level


  • Hard drive cooling doesn’t work and overheats the system

5. AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower

The aerocool mid tower comes with the elegant backlash LED and 13 lighting modes. It will be available on the front panel. There are also 64 GB floor lighting modes. The seven solid color modes together create a vivid Outlook.

Now, be ready to light it up and showcase the internal Gaming Rig. It comes in colors like white and black. The overall Best Micro- ATX Case supports microSD memory cards from the top panel. It is also supportive of the CPU cooler with a height of 150mm. There are extra-long high-end graphics cards that are up to the size of 371mm. The interface is a good one that supports the VGA fan bracket design.

So, it can handle two 120mm fans for the supercooling performance. The supported size for the design interface supports PSU up to 180 mm, and micro SD memory card. The design gives improvement to the overall interface.  There is also a removable PSU dust filter that will enhance cleaning capability. The motherboard supports are ATX micro and ITX mini supportive. The case dimensions are also convenient for holding the organs in position.


Dimensions 20 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches
Weight 10.18 pounds
Ports USB3.0 x 1 ; USB2.0 x 2 ; HD Audio & Mic.; SD Card Reader
CPU cooler height 155mm


  • Lightweight and dysentery designed PC case
  • Availability of RCB front-case and SD card reader


  • Cheap quality material build reduces durability
  • Only one case fan is available
  • Problematic management of the cable

6. Cooler Master Box NR400

The well-designed piece applies optimal cooling and expandability to the minimalist design. It comes with the thermal capability at the forefront of the features. There is a front panel and top panel that is designed for significant airflow performance.

You will also get into his functionality that is blended with the compact design. The Best Micro- ATX Case will maximize the use of the internal space and implementation of the design elements. It comes with a tempered glass side panel that is supported with the help of thumbscrews on the rear panel.

Together, they will keep the surface intact to the minimalistic mission design. Overall, it offers thermal thermal performance. The graphics card support portion of this Best Micro- ATX Case is around 346mm. There is a dual audio microphone headphone jack. The flash tempered glass side panel design ensures that you will not ever face any obstruction. The fan and radiator support of this device is a fantastic one. It supports the fan as a radiator of the factors like front 120 / 140 / 240 / 280-millimetre radiator. There are two fans with 120 / 148 mm. The top radiator is 120 millimeters.

There is one fan of 120 / 148 mm in size. The radiator size is around 120 millimeters. The availability of the dual audio microphone headphone jack ensures that you will get the single 4 pole headset Jack that will give microphone capabilities and audio capability simultaneously. So, the user doesn’t have to purchase an extra jack. The drive play support is compatible with the 5.25 inches and 3.5 inches SSD. It also supports SSDs of the size 2.5 inches. The component clearances include supported GPU under 346mm, CPU coolers under 166mm, and PSUs under 200mm.


Dimensions 16.18 x 8.26 x 16.18 inches
Weight 14.53 pounds
Ports USB 3.0 and 2.0
CPU cooler height 166mm


  • Easy to remove stylish parts
  • Low noise level with easy to assemble parts
  • Quality of material enhances durability


  • Not supportive as a water coolant


The Deepcool Mini power comes with the tempered glass panel with the largest area. There is motherboard support like micro ATX and Mini ITX. The case type is a mini-tower that is composed of materials abs and SPCC.

The dimensions of the product are convenient for holding the device is the way you want. There are 5.25 inches drive bays and 3.5 inches drive bays. Some 2.5 inches drive bays also give additional support.

There are input-output ports of the type USB 2. Besides, some other parts are USB 3 audio jack, mic jack, and a pre-installed 120 black fan that is available at the rear portion.

The optional front-end size is 120mm. The liquid cooler support is the 120-millimeter radiator. The power supply type is ATX PS2. The cooler height limit is around 151mm. The graphics card length is 250 mm. The larger area of the air intake makes it available at the front panel will give a good ambiance to the overall complex.

The bottom-loaded PSU is also a supportive one. The availability of the 15-millimeter clearance specification guides cable management.


Dimensions 16.38 x 9.45 x 18.31 inches
Weight 9.64 pounds
Ports USB2. 0×1, USB3. 0×1, Audio×1, Mic×1
CPU cooler height 151mm


  • Low noise level durable surface
  • Value for money
  • Quality material with easy to assemble parts


  • The hard drive power gets reverted into the base

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider before buying the best micro-ATX case

This buying guide will guide you about buying the Best Micro- ATX Case.

The build:

This is the first Criterion that you must take into consideration before buying one. You should choose the Best Micro- ATX Case that has all the ports you’ll need for organizing. The device is obvious because you won’t have so many options with other builds. You should go through the specifications. The full-size cases have lots of USB ports but the micro cases usually have a limited number of built-in ports. 

Graphic cards become an essential part of determining what micro ATX you should choose for your purpose. Some cases do not have enough space for holding high-end graphic cards. So, if you are planning on the installation of the dedicated graphics card, it is better that you look for the sturdy built structure. Before ordering the Best Micro- ATX Case, you should consider the number of ports, whether or not the case will fit the dedicated graphics card, the power supply, and the support for the CD Drive. Besides, sometimes you will also need additional support for the hard drives or other components. 


There are many Tower types like SFF, mini-tower, mid-tower, desktop, and full Tower. These are the common descriptions of the tower types when choosing the PC case. The small form factor structures come with the presence of the compact Best Micro- ATX Case. Some of them come with smaller proprietary motherboard designs.

On the other hand, the case of the de will come with the PC design case. Some will come with the horizontal designs that have monitors placed on top of it. There are conventional vertical Towers in the designs of mini, and powerful towers on the mid-tower. But, the distinction of the sizes is not always described in an exact manner. The full tower is typically 18 inches tall or more than that.

The tool-free design:

This design refers to the parts of the case that usually don’t come with the additional screwdriver or screws for installation drive bays. Usually referred to as tool-free, they come with the hardware design that makes use of the snap-on or twist in the bracket. Sometimes, they also incorporate live options in place of screws for mounting the drives. Sometimes, you will see that the installation of the expansion cards become a tool frame. 

At that time, you have to buy a lever or other mounted parts for the elimination of the need for screws. The tool-free structures refer to the side panel of the case that is fastened onto the chassis. You can also make use to buy a Lever or other mounting accessories for the elimination of the need for screws. The tool-free structures refer to the side panel of the case that is fastened onto the chassis. You can also make use of the release mechanism for placing the screws.

Size of the drive bays:

Till now you have come to know that each of the PC cases that we have mentioned above has drive bays. But, they have varied sizes. Some are 5.25 inches while some others are 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches. Usually, the PC case comes with lots of Bay for use. You can make use of the optical drive that will match with the removable faceplate right on the front of the case. The bays are also commonly used by the enthusiasts and PC builders for hosting front panel devices. Some of the common ones are the fan controller and temperature readout. 

Also, you can go with the installation of the auxiliary panels for providing flexibility in terms of the PC. The mini-tower cases usually have few as one of the bays that are mentioned above. Some full towers have 1 to 4 of them. The 5.25 inch and 3.5inchh Bay are employed in the form of the tool-free design. Again, the 3.5 inch Bay is required for the installation of the platter style. Hard drive 3.5-inch ones can be designed for accepting even the 2.5-inch drives.

Availability of the input-output Shield:

While assembling the parts of a PC from the parts, you will probably end up cutting your finger with any of the sharp parts. The input-output Shield comes in the form of the rectangular metal plate that usually snaps to the back of the PC case The Shield usually comes in the form of the cutouts for the specific force that is available on the motherboard. 

Installation of the shield will lead to the protection of the rest of the board, while inserting the various cables into the ports is good to remember that the input-output Shields will not be interchangeable between the motherboards. You will only get the standard overall dimension with it that is around 1.75 by 6.5 inches.

Availability of the micro ATX motherboards:

The micro ATX motherboards are usually compact and amazing. They come with the procedure of installing the components like ATX ports. There is a standard feature of a port that is a fraction of the space. So, while mounting it, you won’t face any issues. While buying the board, you should make sure that it is compatible with the CPU chipset that you purchase while buying the case. 

You should always look for the motherboard specifications while ordering micro ATX.  Motherboards usually come with 3 expansion slots and have RAM modules. They also get plenty of space for the expansion and keeping up to date with a gamer’s memory needs. So, the typical gamer usually finds this property a good one.


1Q. Is the micro 80x motherboard a good option for gaming?

Ans: If you want to build a budget-friendly PC for gaming needs, it is best to go ahead with the micro ATX motherboard. There is a reason for it. You will not get so many components in other cases. Micro ATX motherboard for in-game performance is a standard one. It also comes with the graphic card memory and processor.

2Q. Are all the power supplies of ATX the same size?

Ans: No not at all the size varies with the ATX specification. It is good to remember that the height and width are standard to fit. You get the standard mounting plate in an ATX case but there will be a variance in the other aspects. 

3Q. Is micro ATX worth the pay?

Ans: The ATX motherboard becomes worth investing in making full use of the extra PCI slots. But, one should refrain from buying the Mini ITX because they are least encouraging and have limited RAM capacity. Moreover, the micro ATX cases are perfect for the budget-friendly gaming PC and have all the main features just like the standard ATX motherboards. Overall, you will find only one difference that the standard ATX motherboards usually have better aesthetics, more PCI slots, and VRM for overclocking.

Final thoughts:

Micro ATX builds are way better than traditional builds when it comes to confidence. They are definitely cost-effective and portable. But, before buying the right piece, you need to have some idea about it. We have reviewed the most well-known cases that will be suitable for your needs. From the above list, we find two cases worth mentioning. 

The highly acknowledged case is the Cooler Master MCB-Q300L-KANN-S00 MasterBox Matx Tower while the most affordable piece is DEEPCOOL MATRIXX 30, Mini-Tower, M-ATX. With all these items, you can rest assured of enjoying the benefits over the years.

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