Are you an avid gamer and wish to relax as you go into the knockout round of the video games. If yes, and if you are hunting for a suitable gaming chair for yourself, come and buy some Merax gaming chairs. Here, I will discuss some best Merax gaming chairs which you can consider when buying one in the market.

Best Merax Gaming Chairs 2020 – Detailed Info

As we know that the gaming world is taking the biggest shape of development, we are here to inform you about the most exciting and amazing Merax gaming chair. This gaming chair takes you one step ahead in the world of virtual reality and it makes your gaming experience look more amazing like ever before. If you have ever wished to play the most updates games by sitting in a high defined PU leather chair then you are on the right track. We are here to show you some top quality PU leather gaming chair made by Merax.

Merax Gaming Chair High Back:

This padded racer-back Merax gaming chair weighs 56 pounds. It comes to a full reclining function letting you rest at any angle, going up to 180 degrees reclining position. Moreover, it comes in premium cut PU leather, specially designed to allow breathability and avoid that smell of leather. It further comes with a tilt lock safeguard function and a sturdy base providing stability to the chair. What’s more, its thick padding provides back support, catering to your spinal cord health as well as letting you enjoy that gaming experience.


Wish to buy a Merax gaming chair with a multifunctional design? Opt for this Merax gaming chair. This product comes in an ergonomic design with dimensions, 33.1 inches backside length, 21.6 seat side width and an adjustable seat height of 17.7 inches to 20.9 inches. It has an overall weight of 55 pounds. Its ergonomic build and deep padded cushioning provide the ultimate comfort. It is manufactured to provide 360 degrees swivel, catering to the multifunctional build of the chair. It comes in wear-resistant soft PU leather padding allowing you to enjoy gaming with great lumbar support. Not only this, this Merax gaming chair comes with a 2 years warranty and 24/7 customer support who are ever ready at your disposal.

Merax Series Fantasy Racing Chair:

If you want to enjoy a long gaming session, then this chair is appropriate to serve your purpose. Need for speed is the best car racing game that you can enjoy playing by sitting on this fantasy gaming chair. Let us see some features of this Merax product:

  1. This fantasy chair has got a well defined sleek design that is perfectly suitable for gaming.
  2. 180 degree back reclining angle makes this chair to provide a comfortable posture to gamers and allows them the rest the spine and enjoy playing games like never before.
  3. It has got a customizable option that will allow you to fix the chair at any desired height.

Apart from the above-stated factors, this chair has got a 5 wheeled glide casters roller that allows smooth and steady movement.

Merax Devil’s eye series perfect Gaming chair:

The name of this chair itself contributes a great scope for gamers. In our present survey, we have seen a wide range of gamers buying this chair.

  1. This chair has got a perfect comfortable armrest posture.
  2. The padding cover allows gamers to intercept a common pressure point like a lumbar portion.
  3. It reduces the discomfort level which moving in this chair. The 360 rotational axis allows gamers to get into the world of virtual gaming reality and enhance their experience.
  4. Even the purchase price of this gaming chair is fair enough according to the customer’s review.

The Devil’s eye chair is more preferred in red color and if you are playing games like Wolverine, then visits those ghost houses by sitting in this devil’s chair.

Merax Swivel Racing Chair:

This chair is more durable as compared to any other chair. This gaming chair has received a 5-star rating for having thickly footrest and arm padded posture. We would like to mention that there is a lesser demand for this chair in the gaming world as compared to the others.

  1. It has a warm backrest gesture that allows a perfect relaxation in your mind while playing games for a long time.
  2. Gamers want to and fro movement to be easy and this product meets their satisfaction.
  3. While playing games this chair allows getting a luxurious gaming experience.
  4. The lumbar cushion adds a different flavor for playing games.

So you can think about this chair as it will serve your purpose very well. Apart from the specification, the price of this chair is well acceptable.

Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair:

This Merax gaming chair lets you play better, longer and faster. The reclining lock system provides 90-175 degrees back support and is ideal for those long gaming sessions when you wish to relax with a cola and game your free time away. This gaming chair comes with a lumbar pillow to provide that back support along with an ergonomic swivel design. Overall, there are several Merax gaming chairs that you can get at a cheap price. So, if you are into gaming seriously and wish to spend your weekend in those gaming marathons, consider one of the above Merax gaming chairs and buy one now!


1Q. What should I look out for when buying a Merax gaming chair?

Ans: You should look out for features like dimension, back support and leg support when buying Merax gaming chairs. I would so advise you to watch out for stability and rotation along with the padding to avoid discomfort in the near future.

2Q. Which is your opinion is the best Merax gaming chair?

Ans: In my opinion, Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair is by far the best. It comes in an ergonomic design and a one year warranty. Not only this, it provides stability and comes with a tilt locking system to aid in stability and lumbar support.

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