Hey, video gamers!! Bored in playing your fascinated game with a ‘low-end graphics’ card? Well then, we have something mind-blowing to offer you in this long read. Sometimes our natural tendency is to chuck out the games we love playing because of unfortunate hurdles created by our poor graphics card.

The new generation video games like Scared, Grim Path offers you with high-end graphics features that entrail the character play. However, we are here to relax your anxiety and influx you with trending information that must be the next help you desperately wanted.

Best GTX 1080 TI Graphics Card

Factors to Consider While Buying a GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card:

There are certain factors you should keep in your mind while buying one 1080 ti graphics card. As high-end graphics card cost more than the generic ones, you should beware of a certain basic specification that will modify your gaming view. We have jotted down five basic specifications that must be present in your 1080 ti graphics card.

1. Size

While buying a 1080 ti graphics card, you should have a measurement of the space required on your computer. It is extremely necessary to fit the graphics card accordingly; you don’t want a model that cannot fit in your computer case.

2. Cooling

If you escape looking into the cooling part then my friends you may go wrong, as your card durability will completely rest on the cooling technology offered by the manufacturer. It may be mostly fans and heat sinks. If the card is not appropriately cooled, your 1080 ti graphics card degrades.

3. Compatibility

This is another important consideration you should keep in mind; your 1080 ti graphics card should be flexible so that it can easily get connected with your motherboard, power supply, and CPU. You must ensure that your motherboard slots are available for the installation of your new 1080 ti graphics card.

In substance with Power supply and CPU you have to make sure that both of these components are competent to handle 1080 ti graphics card. They should be powerful enough to utilize the capabilities and drive down you with better performance.

4. Manufacturer

Most 1080 ti graphics card certainly comes with NVidia GPU technology. So basically, if you went on buying 1080 ti graphics card your cooling capability, clock rates and visual appearance may differ according to models but the common aesthetics remains same.

5. Connections

Lastly, when buying your 1080 ti graphics card you must ensure that it offers multiple connectivity ports. Some of them include DVI, DP & HDMI. Make sure that your ports are flexible for your existing monitors especially, the latest gaming monitors. The more flexible ports, the more useful it becomes for you.

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Best GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards (2020):

Here we listed Top 6 Best GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards with Pros & Cons. So, its all now in your hands to pick the best of best from below.

1. ASUS ROG- Strix GeForce HD Gaming

Powered by NVidia Pascal, this 1080 ti graphics card comes with a new GPU system and offers you with super gaming experience. The GPU comes with a patented wing design blade, to ensure maximum airflow. ASUS ROG- Strix GeForce also comes with RGB lighting which would be a treat to a gamer like you. The color combinations are fantastic and will ensure a better visual experience. This 1080 ti graphics card supports 5k games, if you are looking for some powerful beast this one is waiting for you.


Memory: 11GB; Ports: 2x Displayport 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0


  • Relevant power use
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable operations
  • RGB lighting


  • Might pinch your pockets

2. Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition

The name itself gives you goosebumps!! Yes, this one is colossal. Revolutionized by NVidia Pascal, this 1080 ti graphics card will give you ultimate performance. Talking about the cooling options, it consists of GPU which is designed with back copper plate suctioning excess heat from GPUs backside. This graphics card comes with VR mode, so you need not worry if your video games are in VR mode. To add more, it comes up with 2 rears HDMI that means you can connect the VR with two different monitors. Flexible!!


Memory: 11GB; Ports: 2x HDMI, 3X Displayport, 1x DVI-D


  • Average power consumption
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Mind-blowing cooling system


  • Poor overclocking

3. NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE Founder’s Edition

This latest edition of 1080 ti graphics card from NVidia GeForce is a power play. It initiates an attractive design with a diecast aluminum construction including sharp edges & GTC logo. The GPU cooling system comes with enhanced refined performance and you need not worry a bit. Gamers, you must be awestruck to know that it has 12 billion transistors including 3852 CUDA, i.e massive in performance. Getting into the ports you must be surprised that this model is extremely flexible, it has both Displayport and HDMI.


Memory: 11GB; Ports: 1x HDMI, DP-DVI adapter available


  • Attractive design
  • Fast GPU
  • Overclocking allowed


  • Expensive

4. MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 Ti X TRIO

This 1080 ti graphics card engages you with excellent gaming performance. You will be able to use technologies including VR, ultra-high-resolution, multiple monitors and many more. It has smooth GPU efficiency and uses less power consumption. Moreover, to add to it the latest LED cooling effects escalates your styling. Coming to the cooling part, you will find the GPU is always effectively cooled because it comes with TORX 2.0 fans with an efficient noise control system.


Memory : 11GB ; Ports : 2x  Displayport, 2x HDMI


  • Impressively fast
  • Massive performance
  • Controlled noise levels
  • Better cooling options


  • Quite big in size

5. ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme Core Edition

This model from ZOTAC forge vivid features and if you are an opportunist, then you are bound to get inclined with this 1080 ti graphics card, delivering technologies such as latest display mode (VR) which is a perk for people like you who are disposed to virtual reality games. VR performance is comparably good and you will discover fewer complications during setting up the plug-ins. You will be excited to know that this card has multiple port usage that means several monitors can be connected while playing your latest games. Amazingly, this card provides you the best speed available at 1721MHz. A Sunday afternoon match with your friends can cherish your weekend.


Memory: 11GB; Ports: 3x Displayport, 1x DL-DVI-D


  • Highly affordable
  • Heat sink technology
  • Impressive quality


  • A bit noisy

6. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING

This card brings you with gaming experiences from EVGA’s own flagship card. Though it uses specifications from Nvidias but poses an advance cooling system making the heat level comparatively low. If you are prone to 4k resolution games, this one is something find quite handy. With this model the company is providing you with RGB LED lighting, this enhances your picture quality.


Memory: 11GB; Ports: 3x Displayport, 3x HDMI, DVI-D


  • Nine temperature sensor
  • Heat sink technology for fast cooling
  • Amazing performance
  • Dual slot form
  • Smaller in size


  • Pricey

Top 2 1080 TI Graphics Card Recommendation

This brings us to the end, we hope you have been processed with enough knowledge and almost ready to grab one 1080 ti graphics card. But, before saying Au revoir let’s snap the best 2 1080 ti graphics card you mustn’t resist to buy.

  • ASUS ROG- Strix GeForce HD Gaming

This 1080 ti graphics card is something worth buying. The price may irk you a bit, but trust me it will change your gaming sustainability. Purchasing a 5k 1080 ti graphics card is absolutely divine.                          

  • ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme Core Edition

ZOTAC 1080 ti graphics card comes with specifications that gamers like you love to crunch on. Having a speed of 1721MHz enlightens your performance level. This piece of product stands apt for in your bucket list.

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