Are you searching through the web for the right gaming mouse for your League of Legends? If your answer is yes, it’s better to choose the one that will make a real difference in your gaming experience. To make your task easier, we have presented the list of handpicked gaming mouse for League of Legends. Read on to find more.

If you are a die-hard fan of League of Legends, you will be spending hours in front of the screen playing the game. The exciting game comes with intense situations that require quick access to the different buttons on the mouse. The best gaming mouse for League of legends come with customized buttons that will make better playability for the player. You can access every function according to your preferences.

Best Gaming Mouse for League of Legends:

In this article, we will present to you all the ideas about these best gaming mouse for League of Legends. For writing this article, we have taken only the best gaming mouse for league of legends reviews.

1. Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

Now be ready to get the gaming mouse specially designed for League of Legends that is powered with ultrafast wireless Technology. The best gaming mouse for League of Legends comes as an engineered piece for ultimate performance. It has the 20000 DPI resolutions for extremely precise tracking.

With this mouse, you will get activation of the speed of light and a continuous 70 hours of playtime. It comes with the top gaming peripherals when compared to some other traditional mice. The gaming mice offer 25% quicker performance. They come with extremely low latency and interference. You’ll get the best of wireless freedom.

The mouse is the lightest one of its kind where the optical sensor will give you benefit while playing even the most serious games without needing extra drilled holes. It is quite faster than traditional mechanical switches.

Based on the optical mouse Technology, the best wireless gaming mouse for league of legend uses the light beam based function. The button process at the speed equal to light and comes with an ambidextrous design that is created for the left and right-hand users. So, you will get the availability of accessible and Programmable buttons on both sides. The configuration of these buttons is also a good one for offering macro functions.


Dimensions 2.61 x 4.98 x 1.49 inches
Weight 8.1 ounces
Sensitivity 20K DPI Optical Sensor
Wired/Wireless Wireless


  • Availability of top shell and minimal RGB
  • availability of optical switches with 5G sensor
  • speed flex cable and grid scroll wheel offer convenience
  • There is no need for the synapse software


  • Triggers usually create problem while playing
  • speed flex is not up to the mark

2. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

The wired gaming Mouse comes with built-in gaming components. The ergonomic design of this model comes with a backlit gaming PC interface. You will get the 7200 DPI that is based on the user-adjustable specifications.

You can choose between 800, 1200, 1600, 4000, 7200 DPI. Besides, the best gaming mouse for League or legends will also offer you with 10G acceleration. It works in the form of the high Precision sensor for delivering pinpoint accuracy while gaming with it.

You will also get greater durability with extreme responsiveness. So, you will get a tool for your competition when you use it. The RGB backlit Programmable PC Gaming Mouse comes with the 7 Programmable buttons. The model presents five memory profiles each with a distinct LED color option. It will help in the identification of the gaming status.

Besides, there are also backlight modes for you to get a personalized effect. The ergonomic gaming mouse comes in handy for delivering an extremely comfortable and precise experience.

You can play games like League of Legends, Fortnite games, the world of Warcraft, PUBG, Call of Duty, and some others. The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable and naturally grip in your hand.

There are also buttons for reduction of the interference. The high-end gaming mouse comes with the features of built-in weight tuning thus offering the right balance. The availability of an anti-skid scroll wheel for durable effects will give you ultimate gaming control.


Dimensions 4.92 x 2.87 x 1.57 inches
Weight 4.6 ounces
Sensitivity 7200 DPI
Wired/Wireless Wired


  • Colour changing feature is cool
  • The mouse is handy and affordable


  • Some users complain of the built-in grip that is rough
  • Unavailability of Bells and whistles  Limited DPI is a constraint

3. Havit Gaming Mouse 12000 DPI Computer Ergonomic Wired Mouse

The gaming mouse comes with the presentation of the 10 lighting modes. You can get the black key and Middle key together to work for switching up to 10 lighting modes. There is also a cool lighting mode for keeping the mouse working in good condition.

The Programmable RGB lighting makes it a great choice with the presentation of 16.8 million colors. You can download the Programming software and access the custom button settings of the best gaming mouse for league or legends. It will also give you the lighting color selection according to your preferences.

There are 6 levels of adjustable DPI from which you can choose. The levels are 1200, 2400, 6200, 8000, and 12000 DPI. You will also get the DPI color and value support for changing via software. There are also 3 Programmable buttons that show macro functions.

It works as a shortcut function of the game and is also helpful during regular use. You can see that it gets distributed through the software. The cost of effective Mouse is a multi-functional unit that focuses on quality and performance. You will also get the in-depth state-of-the-art Technology with this device multifunction Mouse. It will meet the range of needs and comes with the highest standards. The ergonomic design is excellent for giving you the best gaming experience.


Dimensions 5 x 2.83 x 1.54 inches
Weight 7 ounces
Sensitivity 12000 DPI
Wired/Wireless Wired


  • The macros are easy to install.
  • There is the availability of customizable RGB colors.
  • The magnetic feature is cool for the FPS games


  • Responsiveness is a problem in this unit.

4. Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Now experience the power of total control in your hand when you will get good playability with this game. It is designed for providing the cutting edge gameplay.  The game will configure this mouse for everything right from the weapons to building the customizations. So, you can stay ahead of your competitors.

It comes with the 1000 hours Ultra polling that presents. The Beta enabled ergonomic design that comes with the mouse makes it stand out. The right-hand design and enhanced double side grips for gaming make it an excellent piece. you will get smooth handling. It comes as a compatible model for the Xbox One. Availability of the Basic Input and gaming-grade scroll wheel will assist you in the operation. The high precision optical sensor will give the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment.

So, you can make use of the dedicated DPI buttons for gaming. There is also full modular customizability due to the availability of the three interchangeable buttons. You will also get a 27 and 12 button configuration for playing with it. There are around 19 Programmable buttons available for allowing button remapping and assignment of the complex macro functions.

The customizable Chroma RGB color profile will also support 16.8 million color combinations. The best gaming mouse for league or legends comes with the rubberized scroll wheel for getting maximum accuracy. So, now play with fun due to the availability of the small textile bumps that increases grip. There is also a durable mechanical switch that supports around 50 million clicks.


Dimensions 4.69 x 2.93 x 1.69 inches
Weight 4.2 ounces
Sensitivity 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor
Wired/Wireless Wired


  • The mouse serves a versatile purpose
  • Easy to use interface makes it ergonomic
  • It is durable and works flexibly for gaming over the years
  • Material quality makes it stand out.


  • There is a problem during double-clicking

5. HIRALIY F300 Gaming Mouse Wired

The gaming mouse is a supportive one for playing the games the way you want. It is widely recognized as a great budget mouse for gaming. It comes with 10000 adjustable DPI. There are also 7 Programmable buttons with the professional game sensor. You will get the availability of advanced tracking and high-speed motion detection.

Overall, it has precise control that makes it an excellent option for playing games like FPS, MOBA, and RTS. The Programmable mouse is designed with adjustable DPI for quick identification by the software.

You can also get the five default levels for dedicated light control. Now meet the multiple needs of your games by using this mouse. The best gaming mouse for league of legends comes with a high precision sensor that will give you an edge over the competition. The 7 Programmable buttons now come with the availability of the customized sensing capability.

So, you will get your special needs served with the Macro editing function. There is also a multi-color smoothening breathing light available for gaming you. The customize effect with the lighting mode settings is available for the operation of the light function and software on the wired mouse.

You will get the 16.8 million RGB LED options available with it that creates a unique gaming atmosphere. With its overall specifications, the mouse becomes a particular choice for the right-handed players. It also comes with a rubber painting surface that can keep your grip firm with the good gameplay.

There is an availability of 6 feet braided fiber cable for ensuring stable data transmitting and durability. You can start with targeting, slashing, aiming, and attacking with this professional gaming mouse. It is the best weapon and ideal partner when you are playing with the games on Windows 2000 XP Vista 7 8 10 or others. It is a programmable piece for Mac OS systems.


Dimensions 5.12 x 2.68 x 1.57 inches
Weight 4.2ounces
Sensitivity 10,000 DPI
Wired/Wireless Wired


  • The software is straightforward and easy to understand
  • The smooth pads glide perfectly
  • The buttons are nice for gaming and control


  • The Lightning isn’t up to the mark

6. PHILIPS RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

The fast and furious exciting gaming mouse will offer you high convenience. It comes with the split design gaming buttons that have high accuracy. So, you can get out of the competition while playing with it. The best gaming mouse for league of legends comes with the rainbow backlight that adds an exciting match to the system you are playing with. The wired gaming mouse will help you play with the full potential and get more accurate tracking of the game.

The exceptional gaming-grade mouse shows good performance and handles the response to every click. The movement capability of the mouse is enhanced because it was the built-in advanced 3600 DPI sensor. Together, you will get incredible accuracy and speed tracking features. It comes with classic design and simple lines. Besides being equipped with the dynamic RGB effect, seven backlight modes will match with the computer setup mood game and the occasion. You will also get customized 7 buttons for simplifying and quickly executing the complex in-game actions.

The cord available is also braided one for giving excessive flexibility. You can store the game ready settings to the memory space and use them on the PC whenever required. With the years of gaming Technology, the mouse has become now an elegant peace for giving you better results.


Dimensions 5 x 2.6 x 1.5 inches
Weight 4.9 ounces
Sensitivity 3600 DPI sensor
Wired/Wireless Wired


  • It is lightweight with good gripping quality.
  • You will never face problems with signals.


  • Durability is an issue in this mouse.

7. Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse

The diehard fans of the League of Legends love this best gaming mouse for league of legends because it comes with excellent specifications. The original tool will give you the right control over the game. It is made in a better way with the fully loaded latest innovative features.

The mark of gaming technology is now accurate in terms of giving the sensor capability. It comes with the pixel size tracking and achievement of 400 + IPS speed. It also gives a range between 100 to 16000 DPI. So, you will get zero smoothing acceleration and filtering.

The legendary shape of this mouse lets it stand out since it comes with the Classic and comfortable shape.  you can also get the benefits of the modern components with it for getting the advanced performance the standards of this new and updated nightfall color scheme makes this mouse stand out.

It comes with the downloadable Logitech gaming software for programming the favorite commands and macros. 8 buttons will give you specific control over the building, crouching, healing, and everything. You can put your power moves at the fingertips when you use this mouse.

It is also updated with the 32-bit processor to achieve a fast 1m response. There’s also the availability of options for execution of the actions with just the click of a button. There is a core memory that will save up to 5 game profiles directly to the mouse. It makes use of gaming software for taking a new role. It is supported by the windows or Mac computer and does not require any additional software for setting it up. The cycle up and down features also add to the consequence of the DPI settings.


  • It comes with easy to hold parts.
  • It is ergonomic for league of legends
  • The material is a high-end one


  • Lots of inconsistent clicks

Buying Guide

In this section, you will get a lot of relevant information related to the aspects of the best gaming mouse for League of Legends.

Factors to Consider before Buying the best gaming mouse for League of legends

Certain factors require consideration while purchasing the best gaming Mouse for your League of Legends.

Sensitivity – 

This is a determining factor about how you can move your mouse to group yourself in low sensitivity, medium, or high sensitivity class. Determining the factor is dependent upon the sensitivity of the mouse you choose. If you are in favor of applying bigger sweeping motions over the long-distance, it better to go ahead with the low sensitivity Mouse that is 400 to 800 DPI range.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in moving your mouse over just a short distance, it is better to go for the high sensitivity of the mouse with a DPI reading over 1000. These days, you will get the availability of a mouse around 10000 DPI. But, in my opinion, it won’t serve any purpose for a game like League of Legends. A 2000 DPI Mouse can handle it the best.

Ergonomics – 

Before buying one you should also see how comfortable the mouse seems to be. You should always look for the device that will come with a simple interface to allow you better playability.

No one will want to sit through the long gaming hours and leave the fingers to keep hurting when playing the games. Sometimes, getting a short, light, and smaller mouse is also a better one because you can handle it easily while playing with the games. Our recommendation is to go with the small mouse that will have thin along primary buttons to work like a claw gripper.

Wired or wireless setup – 

Decision-based on the personal difference of the play every mouse comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Choose a mouse that makes it a personal choice of the player. When you choose a wired Mouse, you can only move it to the areas where the cables can take it. In this system, there are no chances of experiencing the risk of being tangled.

But, the good aspect of this mouse is that it is reliable and you do not have to run the risk of running out of batteries. There are also no problems with the slow response time. On the contrary, when you choose the wireless mouse there are problems regarding no batteries and an increase of lag due to the poor signal transmission? We will recommend buying a wired mouse that will help you to get better control over the game.

Why do you need the best gaming mouse for League of legends?

As we all know that League of Legends is an intense game that requires high APM, there are requirements of owning the right gaming mouse for it. In this game, you will be presented with a lot of top-level and repetitive movements. So, for playing this game, one requires to have the mouse that has a big part to play in the game. It will also give the right movements over the course. When you choose the right gaming mouse, you will not experience pain over playing for the longest hours. You will gradually get familiar with the interface positioning is vital. When playing the League of Legends games, more than gaming knowledge you are required to get the right gaming mouse that will give you constant movement.

The mouse cursor also plays a major role while controlling the game. So, you should look for the mice that are specially designed for doing well in the game, having a mouse that gives consistent primary clicks. With the light actuation force, the mouse becomes the absolute game-changer. With this, you will get the ability to consistently high APM. The gaming mouse will give you the right pick without creating fatigue in your fingers. You will never face any cases of injury due to the overall movement. It will give you a lighter click and will let you know the real difference between the high and low activation force and travel time.


1Q. What is the right size for the gaming Mouse?

You will get available in different sizes that fall under the gaming collection. Season players like a mouse that is easy to use and small in size when compared to the conventional giving mice.

2Q. Are the Bluetooth powered mice different from the USB ones?

The wireless mouse gives the player added flexibility for moving to the multiple surfaces. This function is similar to a USB mouse. There is a big difference between the USB mouse and the Bluetooth wireless system in the mode of operation. The Bluetooth systems work only if the computer or laptop has the inbuilt feature of Bluetooth. Moreover, the USB mouse uses the computer USB port for sending commands.

3Q. Is there availability of wireless mice with USB features?

Wireless mice usually have an additional USB feature. The feature makes it compatible for charging reasons. The feature is a valuable one especially when the sensor is not functioning properly.

Final words:

The gaming Mouse for playing the League of Legends comes loaded with exceptional features along with other controls. So, if you want to experience the moments of real gaming, it’s worth buying a gaming mouse. Always the best gaming mouse and keyboard for league of legends will serve your purpose when you’re competing.

From our hand with a list of items, we have picked two special mice. The best-reviewed gaming mouse is Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse while the cheapest gaming mouse in our list is PHILIPS RGB Wired Gaming Mouse. The entire above-mentioned mouse has a plethora of features that will make it an extremely cool gaming experience.

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