Gaming Monitor may seem less valuable in terms of power pack gaming experience, but it definitely takes an absolute position in this advanced gaming world. However, if you are looking to have the best gaming PC for yourself or you are far from becoming a gaming pro then you must need a bit more firepower.

After all, there is nothing that can spoil your gaming experience than an average configuration monitor. Hence, you should have highly advanced gaming monitors that can excite your gaming interest. Although, a lot of items, especially the gamer-centric serving an invincible cost which does not compute with the prudent majority.

Key Factors to Buy a Gaming Monitor:

Hey, are you excited to configure your PC? Are you looking to have an ideal gaming PC? Then you just need a powerful gaming monitor. However, before you go to buy any gaming monitor you need to remember some important factors. These factors are considered as a key element for any high-graphics game. Therefore, without wasting too much time, let’s have look at these factors in the following-

  • 1. Display

Above all, we should focus on the display of the monitor because it is the primary need and most important factor of all. However, there are plenty of different categories which indicate different sizes and configurations of different brands monitor display. However, we can commonly provide a benchmark for gaming monitors, which is a 1080p TN panel (Twisted Nematic) display. Moreover, the standard size of gaming monitor is 24 inches which you can buy within $200. Beyond this budget restriction, you can also go for a 27 inches wide angle and vertical angle display which will definitely enhance your gaming experience.

2. Response Rate

This is another important feature which you should keep in mind while you are going to buy a standard gaming monitor. The minimum ratio of response rate is 5ms and 60Hz for an ideal and quality gaming. Moreover, you can also be fascinated by the monitors and design. In fact, we often see that a huge number of people are making their decisions according to their budget. In maximum cases we see an advanced technology PC suggest a monitor that costs over $350. Therefore, an affordable monitor is really essential for most people and we have discussed all reasonable gaming monitors through which you can choose your favorite one.

Best Gaming Monitors Under $200:

It is an obvious one that when you are browsing for affordable price items, you have to adjust your expectations. There are a plethora of monitors that come under $200 are unable to offer additional features and it also gets limited in its resolution and size. Necessarily we do focus on the internal configuration system including CPU and GPU. There are many monitor manufacturing brands like Acer, Dell, Asus, LG and BenQ presenting wonderful monitors with 1080p resolution and 24 inches. Whatsoever, this bracket already caters different monitors which, fit into the latest professional gaming standards- including 1080p and 24 inches display. Hence, we have enlisted some quality gaming monitors which will rock your gaming adventure

1. Dell SE2417HG

  • It is easy to have a 1080p monitor that comes under $200, but you can have a better option with a bit more cheaper price under $150 from Dell. This model takes a distinguished place among their other models as it provides a sporty look and design.
  • It has a classy finishing with thin bezels and timeless design; attracts thousands of gamers.
  • This monitor is configured with a 24 inches TN panel and 2ms response time and 60Hz at 1080p. It is sufficient for your basic gaming experience and to meet the essential needs of a gaming monitor.
  • This model comes with two HDMI slots and thereby, you can easily add your console to fulfill your wallet-friendly battle station.
  • However, in the category of FPS games, TN is one of the best ways to experience less blurring and ghosting.
  • You can have a wonderful performance with this low price superb package. This is the reason we sought to list this model.

2. Acer R240HY

  • We can see a high-value feature in this product which we usually see inexpensive gaming monitors. This is one of the most surprising ones among our list whether it offers zero-bezel design.
  • It comes with a gorgeous 24-inches IPS panel which is capable to produce good and punchy color accuracy. Moreover, it can represent an outstanding grayscale performance.
  • It is hard to find high-quality IPS screens in this reasonable budget, and it basically serves 5ms to 7ms GtG response times.
  • One of the most efficient features of this product is its latest technology which offers the fastest output even in high-end offerings.
  • You can get a connective feeling through this input lag which is fantastic at more or less below 10ms.
  • Although the stand is not up to mark as it is breakable and flexibility is limited here, we should not forget about its low price.
  • In one respect this is beyond the standard of a cheap monitor which is its look and design. Acer presents this quality gaming monitor with a glossy black borderless cabinet which is wrapped with a gorgeous finish.

3. Asus VN248H- P

  • If you don’t want to spend more than $200, then this model is an excellent option for you as it is fully loaded with high-end features. The most efficient characteristic of this item is its thin and slim 9mm bezels which you will surely prefer for any display.
  • It has already become ideal for many people as it has cool frontal physicalities which make these device multi-monitor setups. This is undoubtedly a massive space for gaming and a sweet gift for gamers.
  • This model comes with a 24-inch splendid IPS panel which is able to display decent picture quality.
  • Moreover, it is able to respond to 5ms of quick response time. This feature is an impressive one which you surely do prefer.
  • Not only that!! It has an outstanding build quality and it is also capable of built-in screen adjustments. Therefore, as a viewer, you can get multiple options to choose a suitable viewing experience through the Asus SPLENDID menu.
  • It also can be counted among the rare, because it offers rare in-built speakers. However, it may not be considered among the top-notch list, but it is definitely able to please the thrifty consumers.

4. BenQ Zowie RL2455

  • This gaming monitor comes with thrilling agility and classy features that are able to make a benchmark in the field of a gaming monitor. The key feature of this device is its unnoticeable input lag which makes it appropriate for high-end gaming.
  • Although the features are not that exclusive, if you are a PC gamer then you will definitely realize a quickness through its 1ms response time.
  • This model offers you 24inches TN panel display which makes your game play enjoyable.
  • You can have a lightning faster configuration which provides you quick output signals on its display.
  • Apart from all these, it has an excellent build quality which is considered as a major characteristic.
  • Outwardly, it may look dull and plain, but its design can stabilize onto the desk. Moreover, they also input additional materials and standard construction without any quality cuts.
  • It has flexible 1/0 options in this device which consider users to stay connected in both a console and PC. It enlarges a wider variety of gaming enjoyment which is wonderfully great news for gaming lovers.
  • In terms of causal audio appreciation, they are offering basic built-in speakers. Therefore, this is a great value choice as a gaming monitor for you.

5. LG 25UM57

  • This model comes with a beautiful 25-inch diagonal IPS panel which is capable of 99% sRGB coverage. It also provides a quick response with a 5ms response time. This is quite attractive for all gamers.
  • It has an issue related to its downside of the form factor which seems a little bit vertically challenged, but if you are a real gaming freak then you must kick out this issue for its quality features.
  • One of the most enticing features of this monitor is its extra screen real estate feature which is really a beneficial factor for multi-taskers. As you can use the split-screen function very firmly with its wide angle display support.
  • The outlook and design of this monitor are although old-fashioned but it still finds a wonderful glamour with a glossy black finish and eye-catching curvy edges.
  • It has the Black Stabilizer feature and supports the Dynamic Action Sync which can enhance your gaming adventure.
  • However, we can easily say that this is undoubtedly a wise option for you to buy this ultra-wide display with a number of quality features.

6. Asus VG245H

  • The ViewSonic was formed for thrifty gamers who desired nothing just to have a high-refresh screen which is the basic requirement for a gaming monitor. Although it is unable to give you a usual comfort of USB slots or advanced adjustment, you can enjoy a screen with affordable imaging qualities.
  • You can get a huge bonus of low lag input and super quick pixel response.
  • Moreover, you can get the best performance through current times.
  • The design of this product is desired, but this device manufacturing portrays which are always developed like tanks when it comes to durability.


There are a plethora of monitors which come under $200 are unable to offer additional features and it also gets limited in its resolution and size. There are many monitor manufacturing brands like Acer, Dell, Asus, LG and BenQ presenting wonderful monitors with 1080p resolution and 24 inches. All different brands of gaming monitors have tried to induce their products and promote their monitor to buy.

However, if you ask us for a suggestive one, then we will definitely take the name of Dell SE2417HG. This monitor is not only an affordable one but it also facilitates a wide variety of quality features. However, this monitor is configured with a 24 inches TN panel and 2ms response time and 60Hz at 1080p. Moreover, you can also maintain your style statement as it provides a sporty look. However, if you are looking to have more budget-friendly gaming monitors along with versatile features then, you should go for Asus VN248H- P.

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