Games, Games,  plenty of games  and you are confused about which one to choose for? Well, everybody has a strong inclination over the steam games. But it could be a tough job to find the best steam games, as there are plenty of options to choose from! Well, these games can be installed on laptops and computers and can also be automatically updated when required, making steam very decisive for a hassle-free gaming experience.

It is easy to be submerged into the gaming world, that’s why we have come up with 6 best steam games which will be absolutely fun to play and many of them go on sale quite often.

Best Games on Steam in 2020:

1. American Truck Simulator

Looking for a game other than gunning down soldiers or shattering aliens? This American Truck Simulator will give you a nice perk instantly. It is considered one of the best steam games and feels like attentiveness medication next to those games. You need to drive a huge 18-wheeler truck over the USA highways, and transiting cargo from A to B. Well, traffic rules disruption does not lead you a GTA-style Police chase, all you need to pay a fine. Once you are done with your hectic schedule, this sort of game will give you utmost comforts. Yes, you can also get a business side to it. The life of a low wedge contractor will motivate you as long as you acquire sufficient money to construct your shipping empire. This would be an ideal pick for you!

  • Several types of trailers- from dumpers to lowboys, reefers to flatbeds.
  • The largest trailer of 53 ft will give you a good perk while parking and hauling.
  • Peerless graphics give you immense pleasure while playing.


  • GeForce GTX 760-class Graphics.
  • 3 GB space required.
  • Windows 10 recommended.

2. What Remains of Edith Finch

You will be amazed by its peerless graphics. You need to look over the wreckages of dead family members and the paintings will illustrate how the finches have died. Well, it sounds outrageous, right? However, its magical corporeality will make the story heart-touching and vivid rather than depressing. This game is embellished with such amazing features that you would love to play. Despite that, it has won the “Best Game” BAFTA award will also be a reason that you will crave for! What Remains of Edith Finch is considered the best game has been played by every commoner. It is a narrative led-adventure game where you need to walk as the first-person style around Edith Finch and rummaging through the house where you grew up. You will enjoy every bit of it and it is a kind of interactive game that lasts 2-3 hours rather than 20. However, it will be the best steam game of this era.

  • It was awarded due to its unique graphics, GeForce GTX 750/AMD Radeon 7790.
    • The gaming plot is quite grim and provocative.
    • Outstanding Script.


  • GeForce GTX 750/AMD Radeon 7790
  • 5 GB of space required

3. Descenders

However, this pitiless old-school progression and a mix of mobile game style give a lively feel to this game that is why it becomes the best steam game. A quick addiction you will feel within a day after playing this game. This is such a kind of game once you sit down to play, your eyes will be red and still you do not want to leave it behind. With Descenders, you will get a nice perk that will not stop you from playing all day long! It is a racing game where you are a downhill free rider and need to get down with various styles, using a gamepad preferably. This game is quite similar to that of Snowboard Console Classic SSX, or Manifestation of Tony Hawk games.

  • High-quality bass brings you the amazing soundtrack.
  • The unique graphics you will always prefer for.


  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 760
  • 3 GB space required
  • Intel-core i5 processor required

4. Into the Breach

Into the Breach is a sophisticated steam game that you will like to play during your lunch break. Veteran masterminds of Faster and Light made this game and it becomes the best PC game over the decades. Our wonderful planet has been attacked and captured by the wicked aliens. So, you, the groups of warriors have been sent from the future to converse this fate. This will let you think about the existence of a war between God and giants.

The gaming plot is well decorated with wonderful graphics and your every avital step will make you win against this conspiracy. Your motive will be to stop aliens from annihilating buildings and outposts. So each encounter takes manifold turns and an 8*8 block grid. The game will become easier while practicing, as practice makes a man perfect! You will require so many tactics to play this game and you can keep upgrading your troop to improve your chances of winning!

  • All-powerful weapons can be unlocked and the outstanding gaming plots look like a real war.
  • Perfect game for enthusiastic people.
  • You need to protect your city by defending them from the vek.


  • OpenGL 2.1 and Intel HD 3000
  • 200 MB space required

5. Surviving Mars

There will be plenty of challenges to surpass! Execute your immense strategy and enhance your chances of survival while unlocking the puzzles of this alien world. Are you brave enough to do so? This red-planet Mars is waiting for you. While playing this game, some tricks you should follow to get conquered. An outpost has to be built on an arid patch of Mars, and you need to be running continuously to evade your colonists from demise on the harsh surface of this planet. If you fail to fix the issues, many colonists will be dying in a chain reaction. So Survival Mars is a quite addicting game and your inclination is required to save your colonists.

  • Amazing sound quality that will give you a nice perk.
  • Exclusive Graphics that you are always craving for.

6. Final Fantasy XV

Does the action-play thriller game attract you more than the normal game which is shattering aliens and protect your clan against the enemy?  Well, Final Fantasy XV will be an ideal pick for those who love the Square Enix Final Fantasy series. The game is featuring the action-based battle system organizing powerful weapons, magic, along with camping and vehicle travel. The gaming plot is different from the old series of Final Fantasy. You travel with your human companions around the world, mainly by car, and the war plays out in real-time. Action lovers what are you waiting for? You will definitely cherish the peerless graphics and lag-free gaming experience.

  • Perfect action-based thrilling steam game for enthusiastic people.
  • Top-notch graphics which give you amazing playing experience.

Final Words:

Whether you are attracted to the latest racing game or an action-based game, the choice will be yours! In this article, we have covered you the best 6 steam games of different categories that you will prefer utmost. PC is the best platform to play all of these games and steam is the largest marketplace for buying these games at a minimalistic budget. What are you waiting for? Links have been provided along with the games where you make a hassle-free purchase and get an awesome playing experience of these games!

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