Hey, bro are you passionate about gaming? What do you think can different types of hardware increase your gaming experience? However, if you ask us, then we must tell you that the gaming world is ever changing. If you are a real game freak, then you should know the importance of an external graphics card. It becomes more crucial while you are using a laptop for gaming.

Are you getting trouble in laptop gaming because of your wrong choice of a graphics card? Then, do not be upset because we have enlisted a standard quality of graphics cards and their customer’s feedback. This will definitely help you to choose the best graphics card according to your requirements.

Different External Graphics Card:

We have picked out five most efficient external graphics cards for you so that you can find top-notch graphics as your requirements-

1. Razer Core V2

  • This external graphics card has an outstanding futuristic GPU framework, which supports any PCIe GPU.
  • You can have excellent cooling technology with it as in its outside CNC Machined has contoured.
  • This cooling machine looks like a wonderful chroma lighting. Therefore, you can get control of chroma.
  • This graphics card is unbeaten not only for Razer laptops but also compatible with the huge range of laptops which has the support of Thunderbolt 3.
  • In terms of using this card, you do not need to restart your device because it provides you Plug and Play option. This function can make your graphics card as a docking station.
  • This is not the end! Core V2 has rolled over the XG station 2, which can give you a smoother experience of the installation.
  • Moreover, you can have an accurate room to connect your necessary peripherals.

2. ROG XG Station 2

  • ROG means the Republic of games created extraordinary demographics of gaming. It has more than enough power supply of 600W.
  • However, are you looking for a cool graphics card? Then you should try this because it maintains a top-notch quality in its look and design.
  • You can have an incredible game play with this high-quality graphics card. It has 1 full-length dual wide PCIex 16 Card support whether it provides with almost any card.
  • You can have different types of five USB slots with 3.0 peripheral ports. It is great news for the gaming lovers who are enthusiasts to plop Titan X or any 1080 into an eGPU.
  • Do you want an extreme end GPU solution? Then we must recommend you go for this ROG XG station 2 for your laptop and desktop.
  • This graphics card is one of the simplest eGPU in our list whether we can have enormous fans of this card.
  • Through this graphics card, you can get the plug and play option and it has framed to pair with the Asus Transformer 3 Pro (T303). Moreover, it is also compatible with the UX series Zen Books.

3. AROUS GTX 1070 Gaming Box

  • This graphics card arrives with preinstalled 1070 graphics and serves the top value performance among all listed graphics cards.
  • You can easily carry this card, as it is too portable. The size of the card is small that it can be taken anywhere as you wish. We think this is the most interesting feature of this card.
  • Do you know one thing? A couple of years ago this card has considered weak and valueless because it has many lags in its performance. However, we can assure you there is hardly find any card in this market value; this is the best value card in this market.
  • However, you can get 3x USB slots with 3.0 ports with this graphic card. Not only that! It enables you to charge your laptop simultaneously. Therefore, you do not require any two-power adaptors.
  • It also enables you the plug and play option which can be fulfilling your eGPU solution in terms of desktop, mobile, and laptop,
  • This is not the end! You can get the RGB lighting option with this graphics card.

4. AKiTio Node

  • If you are looking for a budget-friendly external graphics card, then you must think twice about this graphics card.
  • It is louder and bigger in size according to the design of competitive graphics cards.
  • You can get the support of AMD OSX, whether it useful in Mac builds. Therefore, the Node may prove to be a great choice while you want some added power of developing media files.
  • If you can minutely follow, you can see that any laptop production company manufactures most of the eGPU graphics cards. Here, AKiTio Node is the exceptional one, because it operates on different system set-ups.
  • However, in terms of pricing, this is the absolute one because you can get it at a much affordable price.
  • You also can get cooling technology, which can easily handle the temperature of the machine.

5. Alienware Graphics Amplifier (9R7XN)

  • This external graphics card comes with 460W, as it is the most convenient one among the list.
  • You also can get this eGPU at a very affordable price, whether it is the first company, which gives the shape of a docking station.
  • Through this amplifier, you can get the profit of continued life on your laptop. However, you must remember one thing that Alienware devices are only compatible with 9R7XN. Therefore, it provides a wonderful solution to this device.
  • You can play high graphics game with high-resolution settings through this unbeaten price of e-GPU.

Most Efficient Graphics Card:

As we mentioned in the above list, there are a number of external graphics cards for gaming. In terms of comparison with laptop and Modern desktop computer gaming, laptop gaming’s get some fidelity in graphics. However, we can have different types of gamers who actually do not want to play on the desktop. Moreover, they only want to play their favorite games anywhere. Therefore, many modern gamers who want to play AAA games can have the power to choose their required graphics card.

Through the composition of external graphics cards, a new era of gaming and gamers can be introduced. There you can introduce gaming laptops in the market. Although, the best gaming laptop is considered according to its various features. Including all features together along with its current market price, most gamers are fond of ROG XG Station 2. It has a number of stunning features and exceptional performance delivery makes it the best of the best.

Customers Review

We have recorded certain reviews about the most efficient external graphics cards. The people who give their important feedback to us are all game freaks. Hence, let’s check out their review according to Five Stars rating-

Name of External Graphics CardsCooling TechnologyPlug and PlayPower Supply
Razer Core V2Three Stars/ Five StarsFour Stars/ Five StarsThree Stars/ Five Stars
ROG XG Station 2Four Stars/ Five StarsFour Stars/ Five StarsFive Stars/ Five Stars
AROUS GTX 1070 Gaming BoxThree Stars/ Five StarsFour Stars/ Five StarsThree Stars/ Five Stars
AKiTio NodeFour Stars/ Five StarsFour Stars/ Five StarsThree Stars/ Five Stars
Alienware Graphics Amplifier (9R7XN)Two Stars/ Five StarsThree Stars/ Five StarsThree Stars/ Five Stars

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1Q. Can I use an older GPU? 

Ans: You can see a few eGPU serves to support the older GPUs but in current dates, you should go or modern series like GTX-9 and furthermore. Therefore, all new advanced technology, which they serve to the most modern GPUs to crack the market.

2Q. Can my eGPU work with my laptop?

Ans: In modern days all eGPU have their own lists of products with which they work. Therefore, you need to do research before selecting one. The prime reason behind this selection is you need to make sure that your laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port.

3Q. Are there any other external Graphics cards?

Ans: Yes, there are more graphics cards are left which are- HP OMEN Accelerator Shell GA1-1000, Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming BOX, Mantiz Venus MZ-02 eGPU.

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