Call of Duty Mobile is a popular free to play the game for smartphones. Many people are enjoying the multiplayer battle royale experience. A mobile controller will completely change the way you play the game. Many gamers like to use real gamepads while they are playing. The on-screen touch controls are often repulsive to use. A mobile controller gives you the responsive physical environment of a console. These devices help multiple problems of taking the gameplay to the best limits. You can aim, shoot, and slide better with a Call of Duty mobile controller.

Today we will take a look at the best options available in the business. Now you can get precision while battling out players.

Buyer’s Guide for COD Mobile controllers:

There are a few details that you need to keep in check while finding the best mobile controller. In this section, we take a look at what to look out for in the purchase. Here are the things that we think are going to be necessary for any gamepad.

1. Comfort

Many users need a game controller attachment for their smartphones to get comfort. It can be challenging to keep on holding your block phone for hours. People get into gaming sessions and forget about the time. You can significantly increase the comfort of playing on such a device. It needs to help perform multiple functions at the same time.

2. Flexible adjustment

It is crucial to have a controller that can work with any mobile. There are many different phone sizes available. You can now easily slip the controller on any device without worry. If it is suitable for only a specific size, then it can significantly limit the functions. You can get a standard controller for both android and iOS devices. 

3. Improve aim

A gaming control should significantly stabilize your use of the controller. It can be an easy way to get more kills. Many people use these controllers to increase their K/D ratios. These are a great tool to increase your kills. You should invest in a device that will help you focus on the enemies. 

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Best COD Mobile Controllers – Our Top List

In this section, we will discuss our top picks for the best call of duty mobile controllers. There are going to be a lot of options for you to choose from here. We hope this guide narrows down your listings.

1. DELAM Mobile Game Controller

The DELAM Mobile game controller is an excellent buy for android users. Many users use this for the Call of Duty Mobile gaming experience. The precision device helps you get smoother gameplay. The machine says it is for PUBG mobile, but it can work with any shooter.

The build quality is also quite exceptional. It has a great ergonomic design in place. It fits any smartphone size without any hassles. Overall you can expect a great gaming experience with this accessory. It also comes with a cooling fan version.

Key Features:

  • Six finger operations help you make quick decisions in the game. 
  • There is no slip rubber pad to keep your phone in place. 
  • You can customize the button layout on the device for your controller. 
  • Users face no delay in the input of their controls. 
  • It has support for multiple games like COD Mobile, PUBG, and Fortnite. 
What we like
  • You can play using the controller while charging the phone. 
  • The triggers give you a quality gameplay experience. 
  • It has support for screens ranging from 4.7 to 6.5 inches. 
  • The silicone exterior gives you a better grip on the controller. 
  • Users get an inexpensive external controller. 
What we don’t like
  • The build quality can be a little bit better. 
  • It is not an excellent fit for multitasking on your smartphone. 

2. ANRIS iOS & Android Controller Joysticks

ANRIS is another name brand in this mobile joystick category. The Bluetooth connectivity on this controller makes it a great purchase. The controls on this device are excellent. Many people want to have a console-like controller for their gaming. A smartphone cannot have that experience, usually. With the ANRIS joystick, you get to experience an XBOX like the controller for smartphones. The layout is perfect for gaming. 

Key Features:

  • The small and portable design is useful for gamers on the go. 
  • It has iOS and Android direct connect features. 
  • You can try the Bluetooth 4.2 robust connectivity. 
  • There is no input lag with the controls. 
  • Users can enjoy hours of nonstop gameplay without charging the controller. 
What we like
  • The layout of the controller is the familiar XBOX 360 style design. 
  • You can map the keys and controls according to your needs. 
  • It has a 12-hour battery life and takes 1.5 hours to charge fully. 
  • Users can fit a 4 to 6-inch phone in this enclosure. 
  • There is an app available on the App Store and Play store for this controller. 
What we don’t like
  • It doesn’t work with iOS 13.3+ devices. 
  • There are a few issues with the thumbsticks.

3. Rotor Riot Mfi Certified Gamepad Controller

Many people love a console controller. A lot of us are comfortable using such a device. Now you can utilize the controller with your smartphone as well. The Rotor Riot gamepad is beneficial for all your phone gaming needs. It has full support for the Call of Duty mobile game. The controller is meant only for iOS devices. Gaming on the iPhone is a blessing with the optimization they bring. The experience becomes sweeter with this purchase. 

Key Features:

It is a full feature XBOX One, as the controller for your iPhone. 

  • You can stream your console games on the smartphone using this device. 
  • The type C charger helps you quickly gain some gaming juice. 
  • Users can rely on the strong holder to support their phones. 
  • The experience is completely lag and latency-free. 
What we like
  • The controller supports a lot of controllers. 
  • It is a sturdy device that will give you maximum comfort while gaming. 
  • You get an iOS app to sync up all of your controller settings. 
  • Users can use any lightning cable device with this joystick. 
What we don’t like
  • It doesn’t work on any android device at all. 
  • The device is not wireless.

4. SteelSeries Stratus Duo Wireless Controller

SteelSeries is a fantastic gaming accessories brand. They are always working on some breathtaking controllers and keyboards. So far, their brand had a very stringent focus on PC products. The SteelSeries Stratus lineup focuses on Android gaming. Their fantastic design is available for all your Call of Duty Mobile matches. It is kind of like a PS4 controller, which connects using a Bluetooth link. 

Key Features:

  • The smooth and sturdy design brings good taste to mobile controllers. 
  • It has a plug and plays nature for your games. 
  • You get a 20-hour battery life with this device. 
  • Users can also use it on their computers. 
What we like
  • The 2.4GHZ Bluetooth connectivity gives you a lag-free experience. 
  • It is lightweight and very portable. 
  • The ergonomic design is perfect for heavy gaming. 
What we don’t like
  • A phone bracket is available in stores separately. 
  • It only works with Android smartphones. There is a separate controller for iOS devices.

5. Flydigi Wasp 2 Elite

Flydigi is trying to take mobile controllers to the next level. Their innovation in the industry is doing quite the wonders. Today we take a look at the Wasp 2 Elite. The controller only needs one hand for seamless operation. It is perfect for gamers who want to give their mobile gaming experience a boost. 

Key Features:

  • It gives you a comfortable fit on any Android or iOS device. 
  • There is an auto shooting trigger that helps you control risky situations. 
  • The two triggers act as a free mapping territory on the controller. 
  • You get access to a critical configuration app for this gamepad. 
What we like
  • You can let the game work with all popular games. 
  • It has a rubber grip for maximum comfort. 
  • The removable back button gives you more options for customizations. 
What we don’t like
  • Some iOS 13.4 users are facing issues with this device. 


The Call of Duty mobile game is a great adventure you all should try. Investing in a gamepad will give you more room to explore your options. We recommend all our readers to try at least one of the options. The Amazon purchase links are also available below every product. Make the most out of your COD Mobile experience.

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