Mechanical keyboards are mostly preferred by regular gamers who desire to play games on PCs. The reason behind their preference appears to be the tactile and durable design of a mechanical keyboard that makes that keyboard works faster than a normal keyboard. Professionals like to use mechanical keyboards for feeling authoritative and gratifying with each keystroke which a typical dome-switch keyboard cannot provide.

List of Best 60% Mechanical Keyboards:

1. Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard comes with new razer opto-mechanical switch for better performance.


  • You will find an optical light sensor inside switch with 1.5 mm as actuation distance and 45 g of actuation force.
  • A key stabilizer bar has been provided for balanced and precise actuation with each key press.
  • Razer Huntsman Elite mechanical keyboard is designed with multi-functional digital dial and three tactile media keys that are fully programmable.
  • Users can adjust brightness and volume through razer synapse 3.
  • You may access personalized settings anywhere. This keyboard comes with a cloud storage and on-board hybrid memory facility.
  • It has been made of plush leatherette which allows users to enjoy long-lasting comfort. They will have detachable magnetic wrist rest. This particular Razer model features razer chroma which enables under glow lighting for 20 zones of customization.

2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Anodized brush aircraft-grade aluminum frame gives durability to Corsair K95 RGB Platinum which can withstand lifetime of gaming. Here are its specifications.


  • Users will have 8GB profile storage with lighting playback and hardware macro. They can access up to three stored profiles at a go irrespective of external software.
  • Each key has been given dynamic multi-color backlighting with light edge. Illumination level and color of every key can be adjusted in addition to 19 zones on the top edge lightbar for dramatic and sophisticated animation.
  • 100% Cherry MX speed with RGB mechanical key switches can be enjoyed by users. Key switches unleash blistering speed with 1.2 mm actuation.
  • Gamers will enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience with Corsair K95 RGB Platinum mechanical keyboard as it comes with six programmable G keys for in-game macros.
  • HID keyboard Report Rate is 100Hz.
  • This keyboard with rugged durability and lightweight will enable gamers to experience a lot of actions.

3. HyperX Alloy Elite

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB mechanical keyboard is preferred by gamers for its macro customization and software controlled features. Know more about its specifications:


  • It is a fully-featured RGB keyboard with a much stunning style. Its solid steel frame ensures that gamers have stable and sturdy control in the midst of frantic actions while all key presses are kept on point by N-Key Rollover, anti-ghosting functions, and Game Mode.
  • You can customize individual keys or your keyboard with RGB lighting that is simply set up with the help of HyperX NGenuinity.
  • Its alloy elite RGB is built to satisfy any user’s demand with 2.0 USB pass-through, dedicated media buttons, and quick access buttons.
  • After customizing all effects and lighting according to users’ wishes, they can save that set-up to on-board memory of the keyboard.
  • You will have a detachable and comfortable wrist rest with soft-touch coating. 8 gaming keycaps are provided with this keyboard.

4. Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition is faster than traditional mechanical switches. Read its specifications from below.


  • Razer Optical Linear switch technology enables optical beam based actuation.
  • Users will enjoy gaming immersion and ultimate personalization with Razer Chroma. This keyboard offers full integration with popular titles and syncs of games with gear from 30+ patterns, Phillips Hue and Razer hardware. 16.8 million colors are supported on individually backlit keys.
  • Users will have double sheet oil-resistant keycaps with this keyboard. Enjoy fully-programmable macro support.
  • Razer hyper-shift allows all key press and key combinations to be remapped for executing complex commands.
  • It supports almost 100 million clicks and comes with 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

5. Akko X Ducky One 2 Mini

If you are looking for a shorter keyboard for gaming and traveling, go for Akko X Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard. Here are its details from below.


  • 60% size opens up more space on the desk for mouse movement.
  • Various RGB LED lighting modes with brand new game modes are available. Users can cycle through ten different modes with function+ alt+ T. Brightness, color, and speed can be set easily.
  • Quality is assured by 100% Cherry MX switches. With dual layer PCB and brand new design, you will enjoy a great gaming experience.
  • You can get high quality with multifunction. It supports Ducky Macro V2.0 and Mouse control function through hardware.
  • This keyboard has been equipped with USB type-C detachable data cable.

6. Vortexgear Pok3r Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Read about this tiny-sized ultra compact mechanical keyboard and buy it if it suits your demands.


  • It comes with 61 keys, without Numpad ideal tor for typists and gamers and function buttons.
  • The extra small form factor has made it ideal for reduced spaces.
  • Three layers customization and three built-up layouts (Qwerty, Colemak, Dvorak) are available for the convenience of the users.
  • You will have a full anti-ghosting mode.
  • Thick etched PBT laser keycaps are provided with this keyboard.
  • It has been designed with robust metal bezel and compatible with Windows 7, XP, 1, Vista, Mac iOS, and Linux.

7. Skyloong Mechanical keyboard

Go through its specification and see whether it suits all your needs.


  • It is an RGB mechanical keyboard with 16.8 million color and floating keys, plug and play mode and blue switches. You won’t get any driver with this keyboard.
  • A built-in anti-ghosting technology will give you an uninterrupted gaming experience. Adjustable multiple RGB backlight modes are included.
  • Its Gateron switch can withstand 100 million keystroke lifetimes. ABS keycap with dual-color is easy to use and does not easily fade. Maximum stability is assured by a built-in dual PCB. This keyboard has been designed to be waterproof, anti-corrosion and dustproof.
  • This tiny-sized ultra compact keyboard is easily portable for its lightweight. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, and MAC.
  • Skyloong Mechanical keyboard will make you enjoy your games and working experiences. 12 months warranty and 90 days no reason return is offered.

8. Obbinaslab Anne Pro 2

Obbinaslab Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard comes has been designed for prolonged Bluetooth usage. You will really like it for its key function which enables you to enjoy a great gaming experience. Here are its specifications.


  • Anne 2 pro version makes use of a 1900 mAh battery that helps users to enjoy 8 hours of wireless usage regularly. You can enjoy playing games with this keyboard for a few days on a single charge. The built-in on/off switch conserves battery power at time of traveling or when it is not in use.
  • Users can make use of original Caps Lock key function and its magic key can copy FN key function to give users quick access to the media player, and custom function.
  • It is probably the first 60% mechanical keyboard with arrow keys back. By default, right shift, Fn1, Fn2, right control function as arrow keys when tapped.
  • Up to 16 groups of online macros are available to make gaming easier than before. It comes with full RGB backlit and customization of any key.
  • Multi-platform software helps to easily customize and create complex lighting effects quickly.

9. MotoSpeed Mechanical Portable Keyboard

MotoSpeed Mechanical Portable Keyboard has been designed as a lightweight, ultra-thin, small-sized keyboard with 61 keys.  Users are provided with custom mechanical feeling keyboard switches.


  • This RGB backlit mechanical keyboard comes with 14 effects so that users can enjoy immersive typing. Custom recording key backlit function and game mode buttons have been included for the convenience of users.
  • It provides transparent backlit letters which are ideal for use at home and office. This mini keyboard is available without a separate gaming keypad.
  • The high-quality and reliable performance of this keyboard is assured by its durable ABS construction along with plate-mounted mechanical keys.
  • For flawless performance, all 61 keys have been provided with individual switches that have anti-ghosting and full n-key rollover features.
  • This keyboard works well with any operating system such as Windows Vista, 7,8,10, XP, Mac, and Android.

Final Words:

For having a great entertaining experience of playing games, gamers need to buy a 60% mechanical keyboard. So choose anyone from this list and spent your leisure time playing updated games.

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