4K is becoming the new standard for displays around the world. It is one of the most recent renditions on TV screens. As we move towards better technology, the presentation and screen quality also needs to improve. Throughout the years, we have been trying to shove more pixels in our displays for more clarity. Console gaming has stayed popular throughout the years. The most recent editions of Xbox and Playstation will support UHD gaming on TVs. It is the best time to buy yourself a 4K TV for gaming. PS5 and Xbox series X is going to hit shelves by the end of the year. Let’s take a look at some of the best options we have available in the TV market. 

Best 4K TV for Gaming:

Console gaming requires you to have a classy gaming TV. More often than not, we use them for entertainment purposes. Having a specific gaming TV is useful for many gamers. It can help you start playing in UHD with HDR capabilities. Here’s our list of the best TV for your gaming needs.

1. Sony X800H 49 Inch 4K TV

Sony is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the gaming industry. They offer users with guaranteed satisfaction and reliability. The X800H comes with a 49-inch screen and an affordable price tag. The large display provides high pixel density for your gaming needs. 

The Sony X1 4K HDR processor helps you get crisp picture quality at all times. See your enemies in detail with the TV screen. It works perfectly with the current generation consoles. You can also pair it with the next-generation options. The Motionflow feature helps you see clear quality even in quick cutscenes. It is the perfect option for action-packed games. The trillions display will help you feel colors like never before. It comes with an AndroidTV OS installer, which makes it an ideal choice for many. Overall it is a perfect buy for gamers and regular content streaming.

2. SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD

Samsung offers consumers a high-quality viewing experience. Their 50 inches affordable UHD television is the perfect option for people who want quality. You are bound to get crisp picture quality on the 4K screen. The smart TV comes with HDR built-in. It will also pair excellently with your Alexa for more features. The 60 Hz refresh rate on the TV is perfect for HD and UHD gaming. The TV comes with the crystal processor which converts everything into stunning 4K. The boundless display technology fits effortlessly on your screen. The TV can be mounted on your wall or used with the stand that comes for free. It will work correctly for a smooth gaming experience when you pair it with a soundbar. The automatic game mode detection feature is beneficial for console gamers.

3. Hisense 65R8F 65-Inch 4K ULED

Hisense is a new brand in the electronics industry. They are offering affordable TV to people with amazing features. Their 65-inch offering is quite inexpensive in comparison to others. The 4K enabled Roku smart TV is great for gaming on a huge screen. You can see all of your enemies in real-time with this screen. The 240hz refresh rate is more than what the normal eye can register. You will get a seamless and lag-free gaming experience on this screen. The Dolby Vision HDR adds more depth and dynamic to the colors. The TV also gets relatively bright with a 700 nits rating on the screen. The bezel-less design gives you a paper-thin display. Apart from gaming, it is also the perfect platform to consume entertainment. 


LG is one of the prominent players for high-end TV’s. Their OLED technology is far superior to others in the market. It is our only super expensive TV on this list. The television supports UHD content with ease. The 3rd gen OLED 4K processor can handle anything you throw at it. The TV works flawlessly with 4K and VR gaming content. The 120hz refresh rate is perfect for experiencing fast-paced gaming sequences. OLED motion pro-technology is the best way to get rapid action. The 55-inch size is ideal for UHD streaming and gaming. LG provides you with HDR enabled gaming on prominent consoles. There is no chance of input lag with this device. It is also Nvidia Gsync compatible with your desktop gaming needs. 

5. Insignia NS-50DF711SE2

Insignia is also a new player in the TV market, much like Hisense. They have partnered up with Amazon to provide fireTV features. The 50 inches smart TV can run 4K videos smoothly. It offers clarity with the 8 million pixels crammed into the vivid display. The intelligent remote which comes with the TV also adds character to its use. It will easily connect with any console in the market. The affordable option is perfect for an entertainment and gaming machine station. Overall you can have it in your room for a great multiplayer experience. There are 3 HDMI ports on the back so you can have multiple devices connected at the same time. The Dolby surround sound feature is perfect for an immersive experience. 

6. Toshiba TF-43A810U21

Toshiba is a famous household appliances manufacturer. They have created some affordable devices in the past. The 43 inch TV is yet another cheap solution for your gaming needs. You can get high-quality HDR content with decent brightness, and contrast enabled on your TV. It also comes with a FireTV enabled system that can pair with Alexa. A quad-core GPU also powers it for a responsive streaming experience. The Dolby Vision and Dolby videos provide you with a quality display for gaming and streaming purposes. It is a limited edition television that comes with three different HDMI ports for your devices. There are a lot of connectivity options available on this device. We recommend it to all of our broke gamers. 


Gaming in 2020 is going to be very interesting. We are going to be seeing the next generation of consoles. The industry is undoubtedly going to be booming quite soon. In this article, we covered all of our top picks for the best gaming TVs. We hope that you can make a decent purchase with this article. The amazon links are also here to make your buying experience smooth. We wish you have happy gaming experience.

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