CastleStorm Game – Detailed Review

CastleStorm is a popular game series available on major platforms. The 2013 game developed by zen studios has a massive fan base. The genre of the game is the infamous side-scrolling format. You get the best of tower defence and 2D physics with this fantastic game. People who have a fond memory of building legos would love this grown-up version. The gameplay requires users to develop strategies, and it is well-loved by people around the world. Let’s have a look at the game and dive into the nitty-gritty details. 

About CastleStorm:

The famous player to the player game is infamous for its online component. Users can connect with thousands of gamers online in kingdom battles. It is one of the first games to bring about this format. CastleStorm has taken inspiration from some classic games of the genre. Reviewers around the world have given the game positive ratings. Knights vs Vikings is the standard premise. The game has two versions currently. The first edition was released in 2013. The second edition or CastleStorm II was announced at E3 2019. Gamers around the world are excited to dive into their castles and lead their battles. Recently the game even jumped into the world of virtual reality. The setting of the game is during the medieval era. The graphics are undoubtedly significant in comparison to other sets from 2013. 

The GamePlay:

CastleStorm has a unique gameplay architecture. New users will certainly get used to it after winning a few battles. The physics-based tower destruction game aims for realism. The game manages to blend in elements of defense, strategies, resource management along with challenging gameplay scenarios. The best part about the game is that nothing is predictable. The game rewards you with killstreaks and in-game points. It is the perfect one for gamers who love swords and soldiers or angry birds. The mechanics of the game are quite similar. It has perfected the genre and is well received by enthusiasts. 

System requirements:

The game works well according to your PC hardware. For avid gamers, it is the go-to platform. Considering it is a 2013 game any modern-day machine is capable of running it smoothly. Let’s have a look at the minimum and recommended hardware requirements. 

How to Play CastleStorm?

Playing CastleStorm is an art. 2D physics games are not everyone’s cup of tea. Choose one of your liking to begin with the game. There are numerous different game modes. It requires some time to get used to the mechanics. The game boasts multiple action scenarios for offline and online gameplay. Here are some that might interest you. 

1. One v one split screen

The classic split-screen mode has ruined many friendships. It is a competitive offline mode for playing when your friends come over. The game will run two instances at once—one from your POV and the other from your opponent’s POV. The goal of this mode is to destroy the other’s tower first. 

2. Survival mode

This game mode is a Co-op based gameplay. Two players team up to destroy waves of enemies together. It works best when played online with your friend. One player will control the ground forces and dictate the attack while the other controls the ballista. 

3. Last Stand Co-op

This game is quite similar to the survival mode, but there is a subtle difference. In the last stand, both the players control their heroes. There will be endless waves of enemies. The goal is to survive the siege and stay alive for the maximum number of streams. 

4. Build your castle

The castle editor is one of our favourite parts of the game. You have to construct a castle which is going to withstand the ravages of war. These towers will be used in the battle and determine your strength. Every villa is unique, and yours should be built wisely too. Your construction will commit the troops and resources available during the battle. 

5. Multiple environments

The game boasts multiple sceneries. These are effective in setting the mood for the battle.  You will never get bored with the gameplay because of this subtle addition. There are over 12 incredibly beautiful environments created with precision by zen studios. 

6. Story mode

The game has a comical story to compliment the warlike setting. Sir Gareth is leading his men into battle. The goal is to defeat the Vikings and recover the stolen gems. It will help to bring peace to the motherland and the realm. 

7. Power-ups

 In The game, your level rises as you win battles. It unlocks new gameplay equipment like machinery, artillery, weaponry. Users can easily upgrade their weapons and win even more. New troop classes also get opened with different skill sets. The game also has an element of spells that can help you keep enemies at bay with magic. 

Supported Devices:

The CastleStorm game is available on all platforms. Users can enjoy the gameplay with their smartphones as well. It is widely popular and requires minimal hardware to set up. It supports the following platforms. 

Where to buy CastleStorm?

The game is quite inexpensive now. Users can purchase it for a minimal price of $10 on most marketplaces. For smartphone users, the game is entirely free. Here are the links to buy the game from the official stores. 


Castlestorm is a fantastic game for new and old gamers alike. People who love the 2D platformer genre are huge fans of this game. It is an easy to learn environment with a focus on fun. The elements of gameplay are exciting. We hope that our guide provides you with all the necessary information. Happy Gaming!